20 years old girl to talk about three boyfriends, the lower body bleeding to the hospital, the doctor's operating table on the leg is soft!

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20 years old girl to talk about three boyfriends, the lower body bleeding to the hospital, the doctor's operating table on the leg is soft!

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a young girl walked into the gynecologic consulting room, and she was flurried, like a frightened little beast.

when she described her symptoms, she asked the doctor again, doctor, no... It won't be cervical cancer...

gynecologist surprised looking at the young girl, to tell you the truth, your doctor so long, few young girls get their contact with cervical cancer together, most of the time, they even face Meng force, what is cervical cancer?

medical cervical cancer is a primary malignant tumor in the cervix. Squamous cell infiltrating cancer is the most common. The study found that the high incidence of cervical cancer is 40-50 years old, and a young girl who is only 20 years old has such an idea.

originally, because there is always unknown and continuous bleeding, girls spend money to a network consulting platform to consult each other, tell her to guard against cervical cancer may, the girl and his search some knowledge about cervical cancer, which more than one partner, HPV infection is a risk factor, and at the age of 20 about three girls and boyfriend, so is looking more and more like, more and more fear, panic, came to the hospital.

first gynecologist comfort girl, do not be too nervous, some of the network platform is not reliable, if can through the Internet chat can make accurate diagnosis, then the reality will not need doctors Zuozhen, each person's situation is different, so far, no methods can have face-to-face patient more effective communication.

Although cervical cancer can cause contact bleeding, but the subsequent examination, but the doctor was surprised.

to arch-criminal because young girl is not bleeding, cervical cancer, but the foreign body from gynecological examination situation, the foreign body should exist more than one day for two days, but unfortunately, the young girl did not realize.

the doctor tried to remove it, but the foreign body with the surrounding mucosa firmly glued together, forced separation, not only will cause bleeding, and may cause severe pain, for insurance purposes, the doctor will young girl hospitalized in the operation room, followed by anesthesia to remove the foreign body, the doctor found that surgery, one side of the foreign body has been deeply embedded, may have been penetrating the mucosa may also be attached to large vessels, if one is not careful, will cause bleeding at any time.

the procedure is thrilling, fortunately, after three hours of surgery, the girl turned the corner.

when the doctor took out the foreign body and washed it with salt water, it was found that it was a cotton ball stick that was used in the ear. As for the

cotton stick how to run to go inside, awake after the girl is also a loss of face, but this is certainly not her own foreign body inside, after much deliberation, the night he was drunk, others do not know, but since then, they always feel uncomfortable, is the beginning of leucorrhea, abnormal exudate, then bleeding, doctors say it is due to foreign body for too long, resulting in a serious infection, bleeding, if not found, may also lead to stenosis, and even the formation of scar, resulting in serious wear holes.

is like a young girl and a few cases, the foreign bodies are in addition to every kind of, cotton stick, tampons, Adult supplies, foreign coins, bottles and so on are also common, some people in the pursuit of stimulation, they tend to rush into danger, but they ignore their own health, the doctor said, due to the physical structure of women is before after the narrow width, so it is easy to cause the foreign body of Caton. If the foreign object can be found early, it will be very bad if it is not found in time.