White radish is called small ginseng, but these kinds of people must not eat, careful bleeding!

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White radish is called small ginseng, but these kinds of people must not eat, careful bleeding!

2017-12-07 00:32:33 84 ℃

is now the most should tonic season, when most of the possible market is plump little ginseng - white radish!

radish is one of the ancient vegetables in China. It was called "celestial bone" in ancient times. Doctor Li Shizhen once praised: "radish students can be cooked, can be pickles sauce, soy vinegar can be, but rice", "vegetable in the interests".

white radish is rich in vitamin C, amylase, mustard oil, lignin and other ingredients, help digestion, anti-cancer and cancer prevention and other effects. At the same time, the white radish also has a lot of eating and symptomatic treatment.

radish in the vitamin C can help rid the body of waste, promote the body's The new supersedes the old. It can dissolve in the stomach indigestion, play a very good effect of digestion, prevention of stomach and gastric ulcer.

cabbage and radish soup is not only delicious, but also can accelerate the digestion, stomach warm.

radish and cool, has certain Runfei cough efficacy, especially in the winter, people will often appear hot phlegm, chest discomfort and other symptoms, eat some radish can get adjuvant therapy. Besides, radish itself has some anti-inflammatory functions. For winter people with sore throat and stuffy nose caused by colds, radish can be used to solve these annoying problems.

relieve throat pain, cough can be made: "radish sugar", the carrot cut into small pieces, add appropriate amount of honey and other pickled radish floating in honey after the fish, sore throat, cough every time to eat a little, the situation will get some relief.


radish analgesic effect is very good, this is mainly because the radish is beneficial to water function, can be used to reduce swelling, antibacterial peptide gaila can also active muscles, play a role in pain.

if there is muscle or joint pain in winter, the radish peel can be directly cut to make dressing, deposited on the affected part, and the radish peel should be placed in a yarn bag to make hot compress.

when toothache, you can put Foment Bag on the surface of the cheek, or you can dip the white cotton ball into the gums of the bad teeth with a little white radish juice.

gastrointestinal bleeding. The radish contains rich dietary fiber, which is difficult to digest for the patients with digestive tract bleeding. After eating, it will stimulate the stomach and stomach, increase the weight of the disease and increase the bleeding.

2, infant

36 months below the baby does not recommend to eat more, easy to cause gastrointestinal dysfunction.

3, renal insufficiency

renal insufficiency, especially dialysis patients should be recommended by doctors. Because 90% of the radish are water, there is a diuretic function, renal insufficiency patients because of careful consumption.

patients with gastric ulcers and duodenal ulcers, and can't eat too much radish.