The heart is afraid of salt, the kidneys are afraid of meat, and the blood vessels are scared! To avoid it, to prolong life

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The heart is afraid of salt, the kidneys are afraid of meat, and the blood vessels are scared! To avoid it, to prolong life

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heart afraid of salty salt over


is the main component of salt is sodium chloride, if excessive intake of sodium, will cause the body of water retention, blood pressure increases, the resistance increases, increase the burden on the heart.

so people who have a bad heart feel uncomfortable with eating too salty. In particular, patients with heart failure need to control the intake of salt and the intake of water.

also contains salt in addition to salt, monosodium glutamate and soy sauce. Excessive use will lead to excessive salt intake.


1, a day to eat less than 6 grams of salt.


stomach is afraid of cold

stomach is cold, causing contraction spasm, colic

once the stomach is stimulated by cold air or cold food, it is easy to shrink spasm, stomach colic and diarrhea. People with gastrointestinal diseases know that when the stomach and intestines are not in good time, holding a hot water bag will be more comfortable for a moment.

cold can cause discomfort in the stomach and intestines because the cold causes the blood vessels of the stomach and intestines to shrink and the food of the food through the digestive tract.

stomach pain, abdominal discomfort, reduced ability to digest, when eating raw food can cause or aggravate stomach discomfort.


1, the food just taken out in the refrigerator do not direct entrance.

2, winter recommends the taro mutton soup to keep warm and protect the stomach. Taro is rich in protein, calcium, phosphorus, iron, potassium and other ingredients, and mutton collocation, is a good health, spleen Nuanwei efficacy.


afraid of meat kidney excess protein, beware of "text-align: center style=

regular entertainment, food, easily lead to protein intake exceed the standard. Long-term high protein intake can increase the kidney burden and even make the kidney "overloaded" for a long time.

protein is not limited to eggs and milk, and all kinds of meat, seafood, and beans contain high protein. When you are keen on eating high protein foods or blindly supplementation of high protein nutrition, be careful not to wear the kidneys.


1, generally 84.5 grams of pork per kilogram, and 100.5 grams of protein per catty beef. In addition, in eggs, milk and soy products all contain protein, so this calculation, eat meat not more than 4 two per day.

2, you can eat more yam.


liver is fat,

fatty liver is harmful to health.

studies have found that the aging of the liver in obese people is very obvious. On average, the body mass index (BMI) increases by 10, and the "age" of the liver increases by 3.3 years.

suggests that

1, control diet plus reasonable exercise is the best way to lose weight. After

2, when it realized that she was overweight, she began to control her diet under the condition of three meals, and made a perfect schedule to reduce weight in stages.

3 and liver are the largest detoxification organs in the human body. Most drugs need to be metabolized by the liver, resulting in a high incidence of drug-induced liver injury. Therefore, the use of drugs should pay attention to its adverse reactions, do not use drugs without authorization.


induced vascular fear blood pressure fluctuations, accident prone

1, as early as the rest, "text-align: justify style=

Aoye, not only you, cardiovascular biological clock will also be disrupted, resulting in excessive secretion of epinephrine and norepinephrine, let vasoconstriction, blood flow is slow, viscosity increase.

2, eat blood vessels "scavenger"

hawthorn, oats, Auricularia auricula, kumquat, eggplant, sweet potato, garlic and onion, these eight food can dredge blood vessels, and maintain the elasticity of blood vessel wall.


intestinal fear,

harmful substances re absorption

stool contains a large number of bacteria and toxins, can not stay in the body for a long time, normal people need defecation once a day. My

is not a good living habits, stool is not timely discharge, water will be repeated intestinal absorption, resulting in dry stool hard row. The toxins in the

stool accumulate in the body for a long time, and the harmful substances are absorbed by the intestines, and they will appear.