Don't eat the food on the table, eating a strong toxic than arsenic, mouth, liver is rotten

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Don't eat the food on the table, eating a strong toxic than arsenic, mouth, liver is rotten

2017-12-07 00:32:41 91 ℃

higher living standards, and people are eating more and more. Like scorpions, mice, snakes and so on, the restaurant has been made into a grade dish. There is a certain relationship between the nutritional components of every food and the health of the human body. Like these foods, for example, it is easy to breed some bacteria, which are not rare in food, but it is very dangerous to people.

by research, this kind of bacteria called aflatoxin, which is 68 times of arsenic toxicity components as much as 10 times the potassium cyanide. As early as a few years, the WHO was identified as the 1 type of carcinogenic hair organisms. Aflatoxin B1 is common in contaminated food, with high toxic and high carcinogenicity. He mainly damage the human liver system, can cause liver bleeding, necrotic fibrous tissue growth, and even seriously cause liver cancer, leading to death. There is a certain damage to the kidneys, which greatly affects the health of the body.

this is called aflatoxin often grow in these rich foods: beans, peanuts, rice, nuts etc. when these moldy food, there will be a toxic figure. These are also the staple foods that people often eat, and even slight mildew can be found to have a fatal effect. Because he only needs 6 milligrams, it can cause death. More scarier, the study found that after boiling hot water, the bacteria had no damage for 2 hours.

so in daily life, in order to healthy body and happy life, we must pay attention to keep away from these mouldy foods. Once found, be sure to form a habit of discarding. At the same time, we should eat more food to protect the liver, enhance the body resistance, and reduce the invasion of bacteria.

1. of spinach, it is a very nutritious vegetables, known as the "king of vegetables" title. It contains trace elements, which can promote the metabolism of the new town. It can also enhance the immunity and benefit the recovery of the liver.

2. dandelion is a good medicine in medicine. For detoxification, have certain effect to liver health. Dandelion is a kind of cold food, which can be eaten together with red dates to achieve the effect of neutralization and cold.

3. honey is good nutritional supplements, known as liver clergyman, can be very good to promote the body metabolism, improve growth, increase glycogen stored in the human anti infection effect.