Low head play mobile phone, the cervical spine should bear 60 Jin weight! These methods of saving the cervical spine are fast receiving!

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Low head play mobile phone, the cervical spine should bear 60 Jin weight! These methods of saving the cervical spine are fast receiving!

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cervical if excessive forward 1 inches, the capacity increased 1 times

down 60 degrees, the cervical vertebrae researchers 60 kg
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UK Times reporter pointed out that if the person's cervical vertebra excessive forward 1 inches, its capacity will increase 1 times. The researchers say that the cervical spine can only withstand the pressure from the head weight in the normal range of flexion and extension. However, if the angle of cervical vertebra forward flexion and extension exceeds the normal range, the pressure will increase doubly, and may even lead to cervical spondylosis.

Ms. Yang is a computer programmer, she recently because of arm numbness, neck and shoulder pain, waist discomfort in hospital was diagnosed with cervical spondylosis. The office workers like Ms. Yang are not in the minority. In addition to working on the computer, many people do not stop to brush their phones on their way home, and can't help playing a tablet computer. Long term "low head", let the modern people's cervical vertebra more and more fragile.

two massage Beijing massage hospital department director Li Bing to remind everyone, if often feel like back carrying a brick like heaviness, tightness, chills, dizziness, numbness, or neck often fatigue, poor activity and stiff neck symptoms such as cervical spondylosis, may have for you, the need for timely adjustment. This is because the working time is too long, long-term to maintain a posture, and incorrect posture, affect the health of cervical, induced by cervical spondylosis.

cervical vertebra is a very important center, which connects the head and body's nervous system, blood vessels and so on. If the head goes down for a long time, the cervical vertebra will degenerate, which will lead to the change of physiological curvature. Cervical spinal canal by extrusion, arch, which oppresses spinal nerves and blood vessels, arm Suanma, dizziness, tinnitus, vertigo, lower extremity flaccid weakness and other symptoms.

went out wearing scarves to protect cervical spine

, Li Bing said, cervical degeneration is a normal process, but bad habits will accelerate cervical aging and lesions. So you have to control your own low time and work for a few minutes an hour to make a combination of work and work.

if you feel hard, shoulder acid, hemp, dizziness, chest tightness, shortness of breath, may be the result of cervical lesions. Go to the doctor in time, treat or adjust according to the doctor's advice. Generally speaking, the symptoms of cervical spondylosis in young people are mild, and some self adjustment can be made. After middle age, self protection and defense ability to reduce, the need to strengthen the protection of the cervical spine, such as in winter should wear scarf and so on.

also maintains the right body positions (such as sitting posture, standing posture) and moderate exercise. The correct posture can relieve the pressure of the cervical spine; do some moderate exercise to relax the cervical spine and prevent the occurrence of cervical spondylosis.

will not be tired of sitting posture, "

the correct posture is back as close to the back, legs slightly apart, foot flat on the ground (prohibition, keep three cross legged) 90 degrees (three hip and knee and ankle). For working people who use computers for a long time, it is particularly important to place two levels and look directly at a level.

one leveling: when operates the keyboard or mouse, try to keep the wrist and the desktop as good as possible.

two flat: the arm is placed horizontally on the armrest of the chair.

: a HUD HUD intermediate eyes position, maintain a distance of 60 cm and a display, the first one displayed on a display screen of the best place located about 3 cm of the eye, let the eyes formed slightly down at the screen angle, make the neck muscles relax. Reminding: it should take 5~10 minutes for 1 hours to use a computer.

supine position is right chest waist to maintain the natural curve, hips and knees are buckling shape, it is best to take lateral or supine, prone to. Statistics show that there are at least 20 turn UPS per night. The pillows we use should change with the change of posture. We should choose pillows that are soft and easy to change shapes, and the height should not be too high or too low.

for those who like to lie on the back, the cervical spine should be kept at normal physiological curvature. Generally speaking, the appropriate height of the pillow should be 12~15 cm. Of course, the weight of the body, the height of the pillow should be improved properly, and the lean person should be properly reduced. The lateral recumbent can adjust the pillow to the shoulder height and keep the head and neck on the same level. Cervical spondylosis patients also need to be careful not to use too soft bed, the best hard bed. I might as well do the exercises

to relieve neck discomfort, may wish to do neck exercises, Li Bing recommended several ways of exercise, try.

feet shoulder width apart, hands on hips, relax, his eyes look straight, even breathing. There is a seat in the station. Head forward, back, neck, moderate amplitude, before muscle soreness appropriate, neck flexion creatine