How long the lovemaking is better? The answer is...

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How long the lovemaking is better? The answer is...

2017-12-24 00:31:29 315 ℃

time for life, is a particularly great and important indicators, such as:

  • earth have been around for about about 6000000000 years;

  • at the bottom of the sea corals can live quietly at the age of 4000 with an average of 1 weeks;

  • sloths pulling a poo

  • of Escherichia coli; 20 minutes breeding a generation;

  • every time you clap with only X minutes......

, it seems that there's something strange to get in.

this lovemaking, is really a matter of life event, men have hope that they will last longer.

, however, how long is it going to be normal? The answer to



is, you are not wrong, just a minute.

here for a minute, refers to the sex, Ding Ding from this period of time to enter the vagina ejaculation (IELT). This is the standard for primary premature ejaculation in the 2014 guidelines of the International Association of Medical Sciences (ISSM).

and, once and once a minute, it's just an aberration. Does

suddenly feel good?

what you said, the time has passed, but your lovemaking is not satisfied?

, what you lack is not time, but skill.

premature ejaculation can not be regarded as a traditional "disease". Besides time, it has another important indicator: has a negative personal impact.

for example, because time is short, not to worry, self-confidence and lovemaking inferiority, then time is shorter, lovemaking is less and less, even afraid of lovemaking...... That's really a problem.

, but some people, even though it's not long, but they are preheated enough to do well, make good use of tools and technology, are satisfied with themselves and their objects, which is actually pretty good.

of lovemaking this thing really is not for a long time, Ding Dingda point, can make partner comfortable.

just like other hard like piling machine is useless, a long time can not.

ask yourself: do the foreplay? Is the atmosphere OK? Is there an interaction with a girlfriend? Have you tried some new postures and props?...


truth clearly, but a lot of people would have said: I don't care I don't care, I just want to last longer, how to do?

is not satisfied with time. Is there any way to improve

? There are 2 kinds of ways to try the


1. gadget

many people delay time is short, mainly because of "too sensitive". products such as delay sleeve and delay spray can reduce Ding Ding's sensitivity by physical barrier or anaesthetic.

, however, all of these effects are theoretical, buy to try no problem, but have to buy regular products and use it correctly.

or an inadvertent, too many anesthetic, there will be a numb you and a numb of her...



drugs do have some drugs can produce good results. But they all need to be purchased and taken under the doctor's diagnosis and guidance.

needs of people, can go to a regular hospital urologist there is a number of formal.

online, advertising all kinds of "magic" health products, Zhuang Yang medicine, do not try.

as to those so-called operations that can treat premature ejaculation...

of dorsal penile nerve block

knife down, sex may not

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a lot of advertising and reliable andrology andrology hospital, will recommend men do this operation to prolong ejaculation time.

in fact, dorsal penile nerve block effect is unknown, but may lead to permanent loss of function, let you say goodbye to the sex and body health.

love Ding Ding, please stay away from the dorsal nerve block. See these words, turn off and go!

finally, to judge you do not count yourself long.