Toxic after heating? Eat more cancer? 5 truths about monosodium glutamate

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Toxic after heating? Eat more cancer? 5 truths about monosodium glutamate

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people, really is a very contradictory animal.

is to eat, tasty everyone loves, but can bring fresh monosodium glutamate... But everyone is afraid. We often see some of these statements:

monosodium glutamate is chemically synthesized, eating more cancer!

the monosodium glutamate that you often eat is poisonous, do not eat!

monosodium glutamate heating will cause cancer, the cooking people should be careful!

as a great condiment, the taste of monosodium glutamate is bitter...

monosodium glutamate to eat harmful health? In fact, it's safe

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MSG, is a sodium salt of glutamic acid. Sodium is known to everyone that the strange thing is "glutamic acid".

glutamic acid is an amino acid, which is one of the basic components of the protein. In addition to monosodium glutamate, we eat a variety of protein, after digestion and absorption will also produce a large amount of glutamic acid.

  • an adult eats dozens of grams of protein a day, with a large amount of glutamic acid (more than 10 grams).

  • monosodium glutamate as a condiment, most people through it daily intake of glutamic acid, no more than 1 grams.

is so big that it doesn't make a difference.

scientists have already studied the safety of monosodium glutamate, and the WHO (WHO) has classified it as "the safest" category.

sentence: monosodium glutamate is a good seasoning, don't be afraid.

monosodium glutamate is processed, eating bad?

, it's a fermented product. Don't be afraid of

. The reason why many people oppose monosodium glutamate is: "food is natural, MSG is a chemical product. "

actually, food safety and" natural "do not matter, natural mushrooms are still poisonous...

in modern food industry, monosodium glutamate is produced by fermenting grain, starch and other raw materials by microorganism. The process is similar to making wine and making vinegar.

people are not afraid of vinegar, not afraid of wine, how does it feel that monosodium glutamate is harmful?

don't discriminate against it. Let's use it.

monosodium glutamate will be heated after heating?

heating is not carcinogenic, but will lose flavor

on MSG, there is a rumor:

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of monosodium glutamate (MSG) is heated to 120 DEG C, will produce pyroglutamic acid sodium, carcinogenic. The legend of

has been widely circulated, but in serious scientific data, there is no claim that sodium pyroglutamate causes cancer.

- why do some of the monosodium glutamate package "suggest out before the pot"? Doesn't it mean that the monosodium glutamate heating will be harmful?

this is because of...

monosodium glutamate is heated into sodium pyroglutamate and loses its taste.

, as a fresh flavoring, loses its taste, like a curry without curry. What is it to do with it?

chicken essence is better than monosodium glutamate?

chicken essence is actually the advantage of the flavor of monosodium glutamate

chicken essence, it is good in its name and publicity.

, the two words of chicken essence, sound like the essence of chicken, and there are fat hens in many packaging and advertisements of chicken essence, which seem very advanced.

but in fact, chicken essence is "chicken taste monosodium glutamate."

chicken is a kind of compound seasoning, its main ingredient is sodium glutamate (MSG), but in addition also added some salt, nucleotide, sugar and other spices, monosodium glutamate, richer flavor than the rich.

as for the so-called chicken ingredients...

some high quality chicken will actually add a little bit of chicken powder or other meat extract, but the amount depends on the manufacturer (and the price).

do you think chicken essence does this? There is no wrong


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is really a little MSG problem?

is careful to eat too much sodium.

will be harmful if you eat a lot. Monosodium glutamate also has its biggest problem: contains sodium.

we all know that "excessive intake of sodium increases high blood pressure."