Move Nanjing "the most handsome male doctor" because of toothache leaving the world! Toothache can cause septicemia!

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Move Nanjing "the most handsome male doctor" because of toothache leaving the world! Toothache can cause septicemia!

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"toothache is not a disease, it hurts really!" Many people are familiar with this sentence, but they do not know that this sentence is wrong! In fact, toothache is a big disease. It really hurts to kill people! One of the anesthesiologists in Nanjing, Gao Sulin, died because of a toothache. And he was praised as the most handsome male doctor in Nanjing because he was in the side of the roadside.

said he had toothache the week before her death. I didn't think that in a short week, the toothache turned to septicemia. Though the doctor tried to save it, he still couldn't save it. This thing makes us think: toothache is not a trivial matter, because there is a tooth in the tooth. The

tooth is the hardest organ of the human body, consisting of 3 parts of the crown, the tooth neck and the root. Teeth are also divided into dental enamel, dentin, pulp and so on. The dental pulp is the only soft tissue in the tooth tissue, which is located in the endodontic cavity of the dentin. The pulp tissue mainly includes nerve, blood vessel, lymph and connective tissue, which has the ability of nutrition, sensation and defense.

dental pulp is associated with periapical tissue in the apical foramen. When the dental pulp produces inflammation, the pus accumulation is in the closed dental pulp cavity and root canal, and the compression of the dental nerve will cause severe toothache. Because the dental pulp is surrounded by hard dental tissue. Only a small hole at the bottom can not drain the pus well, so the pressure in the pulp cavity is increased and the pain is intense. The stimulation of the pulp is manifested by vasodilatation and blood filling. If pulp hyperemia will translate into sustained acute pulpitis.

why does toothache cause sepsis?

nerve and blood vessels in pulp are connected with the nerve and blood vessels of human body. When the dental pulp is infected by pathogenic bacteria, the pathogenic bacteria may invade and grow in the blood circulation, causing systemic infection and causing septicemia.

which performance should be vigilant to septicemia? If

1. is

, if it is a toothache induced septicemia, it is usually characterized by periodontal swelling, fever, pain and dysfunction.

2. symptoms of toxemia of

onset are more urgent, often with high fever and shivering. The fever may be accompanied by different levels of headache, nausea, vomiting, abdominal distention, abdominal pain, muscle pain, and joint pain.

3. rash rash

seen in some patients the trunk or extremities, which appear on the skin petechia. About 1/3 of septicemia patients in

4. infected

will suffer from dysphoria, cold limbs, rapid pulse thinning, decreased urine volume and decreased blood pressure.


is generally only slightly swollen hepatosplenomegaly.

which examination can be determined to be septicemia?

general hemogram changes obviously, white blood cells increased significantly, blood bacterial culture examination is diagnosis of 10 ~ 30 * 109/L, the percentage of neutrophils increased in more than 80%, the apparent nuclear left shift and intracellular particles poisoning. 2. Blood culture is the gold standard for the diagnosis of neonatal sepsis. It is necessary to make aerobic, anaerobic and fungal culture at the same time, and to cultivate L bacteria when necessary. The examination of bacterial smear has a certain reference value for the rapid diagnosis of septicemia. 4. The blood and bone marrow culture are the basis of diagnosis. The treatment of

septicemia is generally treated by general treatment and symptomatic treatment. Patients need to rest in bed, strengthen nutrition, supplement adequate vitamins, maintain water, electrolyte and acid-base balance. Blood transfusion, plasma, albumin and gamma globulin are given when necessary. Attention should be paid to dealing with important complications such as septic shock, diffuse intravascular coagulation, and heart and kidney function.

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