After cold infusion death, this medication is not advisable!

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After cold infusion death, this medication is not advisable!

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treats cold, but it dies after transfusion.

one. In order to cure a cold, the patient died after transfusion. In order to cure a small cold, a woman in Guangzhou went to a small clinic in Hemou, and she fell to the ground after losing the fluid leaving the clinic. It's a case of

. Recently, Hemou illegal practice in Guangzhou Yuexiu court held a public session. According to the prosecution allegations, September 17, 2016 12 am, the defendant Hemou in Guangzhou City, Yuexiu District Heng Zhi Gang Road, a room, without obtaining the "practice license of medical institution", knowing that they do not have the qualifications of the case, the victim of a European to come for medical treatment infusion etc. diagnosis and treatment activities, after the EU on on the same day 14 am death, forensic identification, with a European based on coronary heart disease, due to the occurrence of drug allergy caused by acute respiratory and circulatory dysfunction of death. In September 18, 2016, he went to the public security organ to surrender.

ignore coronary heart disease drugs allergy lethal

according to Hemou confession, the day over a European visit, claiming to be afraid of the cold, cough, vomiting, he gave Europe some three bottles of intravenous saline (sodium chloride), in the side with Chai Hu needle, lincomycin and vitamin B6 and Huoxiangzhengqi water, cold capsule, Amoxicillin Capsules oral medicine. A European infusion had been lost for more than an hour. After he lost, he asked her if she still felt cold. She said it wasn't cold. Then he took the oral medicine and left the clinic. He knew he was killed on the way back to the unit. In the

court, he pleaded guilty. According to He Mou's confession, drugs are purchased from regular channels. If it is stated that the drug instructions may cause allergic reactions, he will give skin tests to the patients, but he doesn't know lincomycin will cause allergic reactions. What a think of their medication and no problem, because he gave others the same medicine, others are all right, but he admits he didn't understand to a European history, do not know of a European coronary heart disease, no skin test, the finished liquid did not make Europe a meditation in order to observe the adverse reaction, so he is willing to assume responsibility for their own negligence.

the two sides have failed in court mediation.

has not yet reached a consensus on the amount of compensation, and the two sides have failed in court mediation. At present, the case is still under further trial. (source: Jinyang - New Express News, Tencent

two). These drugs cannot be so used, alert! In the case of

, he had no evidence of practicing medicine, he lost three bottles of normal saline (sodium chloride) to his patients, and he added Chai Hu needles, lincomycin and vitamin B6 to the patients, and he prescribed orally, such as "Xiang Xiang Zheng Qi", "cold capsule" and "Amoxicillin Capsules". Finally, the patient died. According to forensic identification, a European conformed to coronary heart disease and died of acute respiratory and circulatory dysfunction due to drug allergy.

from this case, we can learn many lessons. Next, we would like to share with you colleagues about ~

1 and lincomycin, which may lead to allergic reactions.

lincomycin before use, although not required for allergic skin test, but lincomycin adverse reactions in the following instructions explicitly mentioned: there may be an allergic reaction, and rapid infusion may occur hypotension, ECG changes and even cardiac and respiratory arrest.

(Lincomycin Hydrochloride Injection manual)

clinical lincomycin allergic events have also occurred, Wanfang database keywords "lincomycin" and "allergy" and "death", access to many related allergic events reported in the literature, which are worthy of vigilance.

search relevant literature found that lincomycin anaphylactic shock is usually the time in the process of treatment, the fastest 1 minutes after the medication, slowly after a while; individual cases occurred second times or third times when administered for the first time that anaphylactic shock is not all for the initial administration. (Zhang Enjuan, Ge Qin, Jiang Min, Lincomycin injection, 61 cases of anaphylactic shock, literature analysis, [J].,

, 2004, (1): 17) the clinical manifestation of allergic shock in Lincomycin induced patients is similar to penicillin. Patients usually first, chest tightness, heart palpitations, dyspnea, cyanosis, and decreased blood pressure, and even instant blood pressure of 0/0 mm hg. The characteristics of the course of the disease are the rapid progress of the disease, if the rescue is not timely to cause death, such as the success of the rescue is a good prognosis, generally do not leave sequelae. Some doctors use similar

in these drugs do not need to do skin test, do not pay attention to the side effects of drugs, which are not supposed to, that every doctor should read the instructions well, our every day very careful. The time of intravenous infusion of

2 and lincomycin should not be too fast.

(Lincomycin Hydrochloride Injection manual)

is worth noting when lincomycin instruction is used. Dosage of intravenous drip is no less than 1 hours. Although we could not know whether the time of intravenous infusion was too fast in the current cases, but after leaving for more than one hour, the patient lost three bottles of normal saline, including three kinds of herbs, including bupleurum, lincomycin and vitamin B6.

for more than an hour