How do you get along with depression? | depressed people will leave scars "personality"

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How do you get along with depression? | depressed people will leave scars "personality"

2017-12-27 18:35:55 342 ℃

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editor / KY creator,

's latest artiste suicide news, once again introduced the term "depression" into our field of vision. A lot of people come to ask us: why is a person, on the surface that looks good, but will suddenly commit suicide? There are some people in

who may not realize that they have long - term depression problems. We'd like to talk to you today about this topic: is a long-term depression .

every person who has been depressed for a long time has a different way of experiencing depression.

some people will have bigger mood swings. When they are in good condition, they will not feel depressed. When they are in bad condition, they will feel very depressed. Others will feel depression in a more lasting and mild way.

, who is associated with depression for a long time, may be consistent with the diagnosis of periodic depression or persistent depressive disorder. It is also possible that any diagnosis is not consistent. is just not very happy about personality traits . However, in any case, repeated depression in a long period of time will bring some specific effects.

2017, the State Planning Commission issued a press conference, vice chairman of the CDPF survey data Chinese No.6 Hospital of Peking University Medical Research Society of psychiatry and behavioral director Professor Huang Yueqin (more than 30 thousand valid samples, the survey area covering 31 provinces), is China's depression prevalence rate was 3.59%. What does

feel about getting along with depression for a long time? In

, many people who have long been depressed say that one of the most important feelings is that feels empty and can not feel any emotional . "Nothing, nothing can be felt." Every day, day, nothing "." Even after a long time, they can not think of what they should have reacted and felt about something. Life is like sleepwalking to them. They are sober enough to communicate with people, but at the same time, they feel life is not real, just like dreaming. They live like the "outsider" of their lives.

, but this does not mean that people who are depressed for a long time are not happy. at some moment, or for some time, they suddenly feel that everything is "true", as if they were back without depression. But short happiness will disappear and they will fall back. Some people mistakenly think they should not be happy when they are depressed, so when they feel good, they will be confused or feel that their depression is pretending.

sometimes, depressed people will pretend to be better in order not to worry too much about people around them. And because people around you are always looking forward to depressed people, the situation will be better, so it is easy to convince people that the illusion. But for depressed people, keeping normal appearance before people is like living in a lie, feeling bitter and weary: "check out my wallet, my key and my smile on the face before going out in the morning" (Knightsmith, 2015).

depression can cause suicidal thoughts. part of the long - term depression is associated with long - term desire for suicide. At the beginning of , the idea of suicide might frighten them, but as time went by, they had become accustomed to it, and learned to try to find the reason for their continued life every time they wanted to commit suicide (Borchard, 2014).

diagnostic and Statistical Manual of mental disorders, Fifth Edition (DSM-5) diagnostic criteria of depression include low mood, on the side of things and activities lost interest and pleasure, the activity decreased significantly, almost every day to feel tired or lack of energy, insomnia or sleep too much, it is very difficult to concentrate, constantly blame, guilt. Feel worthless, may have suicidal tendencies and so on. Having a certain number of symptoms can be diagnosed as depression.

long-term depression can leave "personality scars"

depression can change a person's personality? A netizen written by

on reddit wrote that when he looked through his diary and looked at what he was thinking when he was not depressed, he felt that he was "another person at the bottom" (

, 2015). Research supported this statement, that depression will change a person's personality, and this part is changed to cause depression again, this change is called the " personality (personality scar) scar" (Rosenstr, m, 2015). The

theory scar is because the people pay attention to, rather than never suffered from depression, once had depression in the future are also more likely to attack again depression (Wichers, 2010), like the wounded scars where the next time will be more prone to injury. For example, the first episode of depression will be due to some serious adverse events (e.g. lost a loved one in this episode); after remission, patients because of more moderate events (e.g. lost pets), even in the absence of recurrent social and psychological pressure under the condition of depression.

, what exactly is this scar? The

study found that after the depressive episode, people "harm avoidance"