Every 21 seconds people die of this disease, high in winter! Be more careful when you are 40 years old!

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Every 21 seconds people die of this disease, high in winter! Be more careful when you are 40 years old!

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to winter, the temperature dropped suddenly

, winter is the high incidence season of stroke.

, today we will talk about

about stroke. What is ~

called "stroke"?


" causes of stroke stroke "and" stroke "and" cerebral vascular accident ", is a kind of acute cerebrovascular disease. Apoplexy has a high incidence of morbidity, mortality and disability. According to statistics, 6 million of cerebrovascular disease (stroke) patients in China, every 21 seconds, one person died of stroke, cerebrovascular disease has become the first death cause of residents.

is a high season for stroke in winter. In the winter, the climate is dry, and the water consumption of human body is more. It is easy to cause blood viscosity to increase and blood flow slow, causing cerebral thrombosis. When the weather is cold, blood pressure is easy to rise and unstable, and the incidence of cerebral vasospasm is also high, which is easy to induce stroke.

these four risk factors are prone to stroke.


age factor

, is a high incidence of stroke.

, like high salt, fleshy, high animal oil, coffee, tea, smoking and alcohol; < / strong> ; lack of exercise.


drug factor

often used contraceptive is also a risk factor for stroke.


disease factors of hypertension, heart disease, diabetes (especially with atrial fibrillation, hyperlipidemia), and patients with ischemic heart and brain and limb vascular disease; cerebral artery stenosis and the family history of stroke, stroke prone patients are.

, in addition to the inability to interfere with age, gene, genetic and other factors, most of the factors can be regulated. How does

identify stroke?

daily life, cerebrovascular accident has a FAST principle to help people quickly identify sudden stroke.

Face, smiling face were observed without skew;

Arm, arms flat, observe whether to fall;

Speech, observe patients to speak without lisp.

1 treatment:

Time, quick response: if all the above tests are "yes", the first aid phone should be dialed and sent to the hospital for treatment. The first aid of apoplexy has a strict "time window", and the international recognized 3 hour opening of venous thrombolysis is the most ideal. When any of the aforementioned suspected symptoms of stroke are found, the family should call "120" immediately and send the patient to a conditional hospital in time. What do we do when

is waiting for the rescue?

waiting for help to do the following steps:

let the patient supine, loosen the collar;

such as vomiting, head face side

; don't move too much to the patient patient; < / strong>

don't take any medication;

is not necessary for patients massage acupoints;

is not encouraged to drive the patient to the hospital.

should wait for the ambulance personnel arrived at the scene.

how to prevent the stroke in winter?

winter health care should pay attention to several points:

1. to keep warm. When is out, it is necessary to prepare enough warm clothes. When air conditioning is used, the temperature difference between indoor and outdoor should not be too large. It is better to keep the room 8 degrees centigrade higher than that in the outdoor. The air conditioner should open the window for more than 2 hours each time.

2. diet light. avoids high - fat, high - salt food and overfeeding. The daily animal fat does not exceed 9% of the total fat. Eat more vegetables and fruits.

3. exercise in proper amount. chooses to exercise when it is sunny and try to choose not too much exercise, such as walking, jogging, and Taijiquan.

4. can not be stopped at random. time measurement of blood pressure, regular review, the emergence of persistent chest tightness, chest pain, dizziness and other symptoms, should be timely medical treatment.

5. avoids too much excitement.

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