Can do these 7 movements, Congratulations, the body is really good!

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Can do these 7 movements, Congratulations, the body is really good!

2017-12-28 18:29:56 300 ℃

friends all know, the body or can pass the medical know, in fact, we can also learn from other areas of the body, such as walking posture, today, and friends to share, if you do this 7 action, congratulations to you, really good!

this movement is your biceps, of course, can also test your shoulders, back, chest and knee other important muscle groups is required. If you do not reach the standard, it is easy to lack muscle strength, people are prone to injury, as well as arthritis, osteoporosis, even depression and dementia.

this motion detection is your body flexibility, if you are very easy to do, so congratulations you are great; if you do difficult to illustrate your body flexibility and the strength not to cross the border. It is suggested that you practice kicking after more practice, and you can also take two steps to climb the stairs in one step.

this motion detection is your heart rate, it reflects your cardiovascular health situation. If you beat 10 times and don't get tired, congratulate you; be careful if your heartbeat speeds up and feels flustered. It is recommended to exercise more often and combine fast running and jogging, which can effectively improve endurance and protect the heart.

this movement can test out of the body of the central muscle strength and flexibility degree. If it is difficult to do, it can often turn around the waist, which can enhance the function of the lumbar muscles and joints. It also plays a preventive role in chronic lumbar muscle strain, lumbar hyperosteogeny, lumbar disc herniation, rheumatic lumbago and sciatica.

this motion detection is cardiopulmonary endurance and balance, this is because of the stairs than walking on the ground need more energy and stamina if you find yourself, to climb several floors have shortness of breath, dyspnea, pulmonary function is often worse than normal over 50%. It is suggested that more practice of climbing buildings will be tried in the future, but we should pay attention to it and step by step.

walk and the body, if you walk for 30 minutes to feel tired, then you need to be careful, be physical fatigue or your body is too fat. It is suggested that you can exercise by fast walking, simple and easy to implement.

this action detection is joint and bone for you, if you cut your toenails, bending the body without discomfort, not what the problem; but if you feel it is very difficult to reach, beware of arthritis, osteoporosis and other diseases to find the door. In addition, it may also be a sign of heart failure. This is because a study published in the American Journal of physiology found that when standing on both legs, it is impossible to touch toes. It may be related to arterial stiffness and is a precursor of heart disease.


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