Men also get "gynecopathy"? Be married and pay attention to it!

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Men also get "gynecopathy"? Be married and pay attention to it!

2017-12-28 18:30:52 787 ℃

God created two kinds of men -- men and women. They are very different from their physical structure and temperament. Even if they are sick, they are also going to the androgyny, a gynecologist. But do you know, sometimes, the difference between male and gynecologic diseases is not that absolute.

those that seem to belong to women and have a relationship with men are more than one breast cancer! What are they, then look down together!

1, breast cancer

men, though not like women, have an arrogant chest, but also have breast tissue. In normal cases, male androgens have an absolute advantage, and breast tissue does not develop into a visible breast like a woman.

note: age, family history, genetic factors, oral or topical estrogen containing health products or drugs may induce male breast cancer, but here we need to criticize high fat and high sugar diet.

the direct consequence of a high fat and high sugar diet is a meat that is hard to get rid of. Body fat contains a "aromatase" material, can be secreted by the male testosterone into estrogen, resulting in elevated levels of estrogen in the body.

too much estrogen stimulates the male nervous system, and then affects the secretion of testosterone. Then fat is more easily accumulated, giving birth to more estrogen. This goes into a circle of cycles.


menopausal women and estrogen levels decrease, while male menopause and hormone related changes in the impact of factors such as: age, male testis began to shrink, the androgen secretion decreased, when the male sex hormone regulating function imbalance and a series of menopause symptoms will cause physiological dysfunction, sleep disorders, fatigue, anxiety, depression......

note: men should be conscious to establish a reasonable lifestyle and maintain a good mental state. If there is some symptoms of menopause, don't endure it. Instead, should be actively treated.

3, gynecopathy

men will have "vaginitis". Pelvic inflammation, cervicitis, vaginitis, vaginitis, etc. In fact, a lot of gynecologic diseases that torture women are the responsibility of men. For example, they do not pay attention to the cleaning of the lower body before sex, and the presence of the phimosis or the long foreskin is too long.

note: disease involving reproductive organs is often not a single thing, so the best treatment for both husband and wife is to completely cure and avoid recurrence.

4, cervical cancer

men also need to be vaccinated with HPV. Most cancer cancers lack effective means of prevention and treatment, but cervical cancer is a special case. At present, 14 kinds of human papillomavirus (HPV) types can lead to cervical cancer. Therefore, it is the most effective way to prevent cervical cancer by injecting HPV vaccine for women without sexual life.

but you may not understand that it is also necessary for men to get the vaccine, because HPV virus can also cause genital warts, papilloma, anus cancer, penile cancer and other male diseases.

If a man is infected with HPV, the virus will be transmitted to women through sexual life, increasing the risk of cervical cancer in women. On the other hand, if a man is vaccinated with a HPV vaccine, it can not only reduce the risk of diseases such as condyloma acuminata and other diseases, but also can benefit the partner indirectly.

note: has now been allowed to vaccinated HPV vaccine everywhere, if conditions permit, including its own economic conditions and the indication of the vaccine, eligible men may as well go to get a needle,