Why do you want to see a dentist without pain? Or the toothache, it's very serious!

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Why do you want to see a dentist without pain? Or the toothache, it's very serious!

2017-12-28 18:31:05 717 ℃

saying that toothache is not a disease, painful to life.

teeth sometimes pain, sometimes do not pain, how to deal with?

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, red alert

when a toothache toothache unbearable, even pain to want to use his head against the wall, we can take temporary painkillers to ease the pain.

, such as Bloven, Lo Solo Finn sodium, aspirin, acetaminophen and so on. The pain begins to relieve at half an hour after taking the medicine.

however, in the doctor's view, taking medicine is no matter what it is, toothache can not be solved by taking medicine.

painkillers, only paralysis of the nerve.

is to say, "deceive" the brain by drugs, temporarily relieving the feeling of pain.

but the focus is not removed, the infection still exists, and it may become more and more fierce.

and other drug effects in the past, that pain will come back again...

so the pain was relieved, and we had to go to the dentist in time.

dentists will do symptomatic treatment based on the situation of the affected teeth, such as the root canal therapy.

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two, toothache yellow alert

. When we feel toothache and can endure it, what do we do?

is the forbearance of the past or the timely treatment?

is of course the latter, and it should be the first time!

at this time it is best not to take the painkillers, because the use of painkillers may cover up the condition and affect the doctor's diagnosis.

(network map, for reference only)

three, when it is not painful, is

ignored when it is not painful?

wait for the next time to see a doctor?

of course not. In fact, it's late to get a toothache and go to the doctor. For example, a

is not feeling in the early, early detection and early treatment, no pain, low cost, good effect......

reminds us that you can't have "forget the world when toothache", and forget the dentist when the tooth is good. "." When

teeth have no feeling of pain, we should also regularly ask a doctor in the Department of stomatology for a special oral examination.

does not take too much time to carry out a professional oral examination 1~2 times a year.

but can find some potential oral diseases, so as to intervene as early as possible, spend less money, cure disease, less suffering.

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