Do you say that the natural constitution is poor? It's okay to try these ways to take care of it

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Do you say that the natural constitution is poor? It's okay to try these ways to take care of it

2017-12-28 18:31:09 790 ℃

guide : the pressure is very big, whether it's working or studying or doing something else. Staying up late, eating irregular, is one of the reasons for poor physique. So how do we do bad physical fitness?

physical fitness is poor, these methods to recuperate

1 exercise,

physical fitness poor people can persist in aerobic exercise to enhance physical fitness. Note that in the choice of sports is to be gentle walking, jogging, yoga, Tai Chi, as appropriate, poor people suffer physical exercise intensity, aerobic exercise with constitution of poor people's physical condition, but also can effectively help to enhance physical fitness.

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2 medical conditioning

poor health may be because the body suffering from certain diseases caused by poor health, on the contrary, may also affect the normal function of body organs. So the medical examination of the body, can timely find the body's discomfort. In addition, under the guidance of doctors, health care drugs can be used to help regulate poor physique and enhance physical fitness.

3 enough sleep,

often stays up late, or people with bad sleep habits are easy to damage their physical Qi and lead to worse physical fitness. To keep enough sleep, to have good quality of sleep can help the strength of the body to consolidate, sleep in the body can also self repair, physical fitness will be better and better.

4 diet treatment

physical fitness poor people can eat more protein, vitamins on diet, can help enhance the body's immunity. In addition, it can be supplementing by eating food that has the function of nourishing qi and nourishing blood, helping to improve the poor physique.

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5 optimistic

in the human body a lot of problems with his mind relationship, like most of the elderly longevity mentality is very good, so the poor friends need to take part in social Duopei, raising their own interests, to maintain an optimistic and positive attitude, good the mind can improve their immunity, so that they do not get sick easily.

what are the symptoms of poor health

1 physically weak

is mainly the digestion and absorption function as a result of poor nutrition, such as the shape of thin yellow or white, win, less subcutaneous fat, loss of appetite or anorexia, abnormal stools, often without fatigue, heart function. This type is mostly seen in the body of Qi and yin deficiency in traditional Chinese medicine.

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2 neural constitution

is mainly mental disorders, such as emotional instability, easily excited, very excited, there are a variety of sleep disorders, physical discomfort, fatigue, may also have digestive disorders performance.

1 what to eat in poor health in poor health to eat honey

women in poor health should eat honey, contains rich nutrients in honey, can enhance the body's immune system, we often take honey in a cup of tea when you can also adjust the color, start the beauty of colour, so women eat honey on your body a great help.


in poor health to eat vegetables usually eat more vegetables, can supplement the body of vitamin A, vitamin C and vitamin E can improve the body's resistance, so the poor girls should eat some fresh vegetables, timely replenishment of nutrients in the body missing.

more than 60 year old man is still as strong as that guy because it

3 poor health to eat traditional Chinese medicine

some girls appear poor physical condition, because the blood gas in the body due to insufficient, this time you can eat traditional Chinese medicine to adjust the blood in the body. Several courses of Chinese medicine can improve the situation effectively. The best way is to see the old Chinese medicine, and let the doctor prescribe the appropriate prescription to adjust the body according to your physical condition. Conclusion: the usual

Xiao Bian also suggested that, if their physical condition is weak, can strengthen physical exercise, after all, the body is the capital of revolution, the second is the reasonable collocation of dietary nutrition, good nutrition, and exercise good, I think a good body is you are not far away.