"Hand and foot numbness" do not take care of, may be these organs in the search for help!

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"Hand and foot numbness" do not take care of, may be these organs in the search for help!

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numbness, almost everyone has met, many people will feel "forbearance is good." Indeed, the occasional physiological numb hands and feet, can alleviate by oneself, but if often asleep, don't despise, probably is the manifestation of the disease symptoms!

physiological numb hands and feet mainly by poor posture or to maintain the same posture caused by long time, leading to local ischemia, peripheral blood circulation, such as toilet squatting for a long time, long lifting, position is not correct.

this kind of numbness is generally mild, the smaller body, usually can ease in a short period of time, repeated several times, tight fist, beat foot action, that is to alleviate the effect of.

, numb hands and feet is not a long time to ease or often appear, is likely to be the cause of disease, also known as pathological numb hands and feet.

1, cervical spondylosis,

long sitting, low head, too high or too low pillow may cause cervical spondylosis.

clinic, due to cervical nerve compression leads to the increasing proportion of up to 70%, which is the most common disease of the hands, and are mostly associated with joint hyperplasia or ligament calcification and other symptoms appear, the shoulder and neck muscle aches, vomiting, dizziness, tinnitus and other symptoms.

the symptoms of numbness of the thumb and forefinger may indicate fifth, sixth intervertebral foramen compression of the cervical nerve; the

in may indicate the finger numbness, sixth, seventh intervertebral foramen compression of the cervical nerve; the

often feel tired neck , like a heavy pressure, hands are stiff numbness, morning, may indicate that the seventh cervical spinous process of entrapment.

2, lumbar disc herniation and bending

some people think that 80% of chronic diseases and aging are derived from the spine. But after 20 years of age , the intervertebral disc will begin to degenerate. For the long time engaged in heavy manual labor, severe exercise, traumatic history, bad posture and other groups are easy to cause lumbar disease.

the symptoms of lumbar disc herniation patients usually manifested as recurrent numbness, unilateral or bilateral thigh, leg and foot numbness, accompanied by pain and other symptoms.

3, carpal tunnel syndrome

carpal tunnel syndrome is mainly caused by the wrist injury and strain lesion or degeneration, nerve compression will cause finger numbness and weakness, also may be accompanied by the arm, wrist tingling, finger flexibility reduces.

group of high

usually occurs in ordinary handling, lifts and other staff, but the mobile phone, to play computer too much will also increase the risk of disease.

4 disease, neuritis

Green Barre syndrome, multiple sclerosis is nerve fibers and myelin from immune attack, which belongs to autoimmune diseases.

symptoms of

early symptomsto sensory disorder, often clinically symmetrical pain, numbness, crawling, fever, shock and other abnormal sensation, and lower extremity symptoms are more common, from the toes to the knee may appear unwell symptom.

5, a

cerebral ischemia cerebral arteriosclerosis or stenosis, thrombosis, blood deficiency may induce transient cerebral ischemia, cerebral infarction and other diseases may presage serious risk, should actively prevent and treatment.

is good for the middle aged and elderly people, such as three high, atrial fibrillation, carotid atherosclerosis, plaque formation and so on. Symptoms of

are often manifested as

numbness or numbness on one side of the limbs. If accompanied by headache, dizziness, blurred vision, vision or amaurosis nosebleeds, poor coordination and other symptoms, signs of stroke may be , to be vigilant.

6, three

three vascular disease patients accompanied with different degrees of vascular sclerosis, poor blood flow or slow down, nerve degeneration, cell can obtain oxygen and other nutrients will be reduced, may cause cold hands and feet, numbness, or tight feeling, even pain.

recommends that

patients with high altitude should actively participate in regular and reasonable treatment, control their condition, exercise properly and replenish nutritious elements. If the symptoms of numbness of hand and foot appear, it is necessary to cooperate with the drugs to improve the circulation.

should be wary of stroke if there are symptoms such as twitching and unilateral numbness in fifth points.

7, thoracic outlet syndrome

thoracic outlet syndrome although few people know, but patients are not uncommon, but also one of the common causes of shoulder pain in the arm, is mainly the brachial plexus in the thoracic outlet at the oppression caused by.

the clinical manifestation of symptoms for shoulder, arm and hand pain, numbness, muscle weakness and atrophy, even hand cold blue purple, radial artery pulse attenuation.

disease caused by numbness should active treatment of primary disease, and to develop good habits, can also help improve the symptoms.

01 science movement, the regular activities of hands

health groups should be 3 times a week for 30 minutes or more movement for disease, should do what.

Daily has the empty multi - activity hand and foot . In TCM, there are many important meridians and acupoints on both hands and feet. Frequent stimulation such as massage and activities helps to dredge meridians, thereby reducing or even preventing numbness. Also can walk the cobblestone road appropriately, stimulate the foot point.

02 natto, healthy bones, protecting blood vessels

soybean by special fermentation after treatment of natto, can help dissolve thrombus, reversing atherosclerosis and other vascular diseases, but also to protect the bones.

the lecithin can regulate blood fat, reduce bad cholesterol, prevent hardening of the arteries and endothelium injury; the

the potassium can promote the excretion of sodium, the auxiliary effect of the buck power; the

of vitamin K2, not only can promote bone growth and health, and to reduce the risk of vascular calcification, protection.

03 deep-sea fish, preventing stroke, protecting nerve

deep-sea fish contain Omega -3 fatty acids can reduce the bad < / strong>, cholesterol, triglyceride, protect the heart, blood vessels and nerve health, and anti-inflammatory, can reduce joint pain and stiffness. Among them, DHA and EPA in deep-sea fish can help repair blood vessels and prevent cerebral hemorrhage.

studies have shown that eating 2-3 times deep sea fish every week can help reduce the risk of stroke. Deep sea fish oil has a higher effective level, which can reduce the risk of heart arrhythmia. The supplement of Omega -3 fatty acids after heart disease can also reduce the risk of recurrence.

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