Seeing the drug product manual \"careful use \", \"use of \", \"disable\"... the difference between the words, may be awful!

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Seeing the drug product manual \"careful use \", \"use of \", \"disable\"... the difference between the words, may be awful!

2018-04-26 20:26:01 238 ℃

In general, many people get their medicines and open the packages directly, often neglecting the drug instructions. It is one of the important sources of drug descriptions. It usually includes the following: warnings, drug names, ingredients, traits, indications, specifications, dosage, adverse reactions, contraindications, precautions, etc.

However, there are often 3 words in the drug description that are ignored by everyone:

< Strong>"Cute use"



< p>Carefully using jealousy to disable it, although the difference between words, but the difference is a thousand miles, take a good look before taking medicine!

"Precaution" cautions people taking medications to be careful when taking this medicine. After taking it, you should carefully observe whether there are any adverse reactions. If any, you must stop taking it immediately; if not, you can continue to use it. Therefore, "use cautiously" is to tell you to pay attention to, not that you can not use. 1

What should be used with caution?

Some special populations, such as children, the elderly, pregnant women, and those with cardiac, hepatic, and renal insufficiency, are often included in the “careful use” range.

Kind Use=Best not to use

"Bogey" The use of "," to "use cautiously" has gone one step, and it has reached a level that is not suitable for use or should be avoided. Drugs marked as "drugs" indicate adverse reactionsIt is clear that there is a great possibility of adverse consequences, but people have individual differences and cannot be generalized, so use the word “embarrassment” as a warning.

What is the need to hang on?

Drugs that cause adverse effects to patients, such as those with leukopenia, should avoid using oxacillin sodium because it reduces leukocytes; for example, aminoglycosides There are certain toxic effects on the nervous system and the kidneys, so those suffering from tinnitus and renal dysfunction should be avoided.

Disabled = Absolutely Not Available

"Disabled" This is the most severe warning of medication. Disabled is prohibited. All banned drugs must strictly comply with the provisions of the drug description and prohibit the use of specific groups of people.

What should be disabled?

For example, patients with glaucoma should definitely not use atropine; morphine can inhibit the respiratory center, bronchial asthma and pulmonary heart patients should be disabled, otherwise it will cause serious harm to the human body, and even life-threatening; allergic patients should be penicillin Penicillin is disabled, otherwise it will cause severe allergic reactions and even death. 2


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