5 national old Chinese doctors do not eat this food! It is worth thinking deeply for everyone!

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5 national old Chinese doctors do not eat this food! It is worth thinking deeply for everyone!

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Li Guolie, national famous Chinese medicine, State Council special Allowance Specialist

Never eat sweets

Sweet foods are loved by almost adults and children, but eating more sweets is more harmful than smoking!

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The elderly eat more sweets and old age has come

< p>[Arteriosclerosis] Sweets have a high sugar content and can be converted into blood fat and fat in the body, which promotes arteriosclerosis.

[Diabetes]A U.S. survey of sugar-sweetened beverages shows that drinking a can of sweet drink per day is more likely to have diabetes The chance of not drinking sweet drinks is 20% higher, and if you drink two cans a day, you are 50% taller.

[Poor vision] Vitamin B1 is one of the sources of nutrition for the optic nerve, and the metabolism of sugar in the body requires the consumption of large amounts of vitamin B1, as often as large amounts Eating sweets, the eyes are not only easy to fatigue, but the optic nerve will fail due to nutritional shortage.

A woman eats more sweets and is particularly vulnerable to cancer

"Breast Cancer" Intensive intake of sweets increases insulin secretion in the body However, the occurrence of early breast cancer requires a large amount of insulin, which will promote the growth and reproduction of breast cancer cells.

Cervical Cancer The Swedish Journal of Cancer Epidemiology, Biomarker, and Prevention published a large-scale study in Sweden and found that women Eating biscuits more than 3 times a week will increase the risk of uterine cancer by 42%.

[Vaginitis] An important factor for women suffering from vaginitis is the addiction to dessert. High blood sugar or urine sugar, leading to increased glycogen in the vagina, causing the proliferation of pathogenic bacteria.

Men eat more sweets, especially broken bones and insomnia p>

[Bone Fracture] Eating a lot of sugar or carbohydrates will consume a lot of calcium in your body. Magnesium, sodium, and so on, the lack of calcium in the body makes muscle hardening and tension weakened, the mechanism regulating blood pressure is disordered, a large amount of calcium is neutralized, and bone decalcification occurs and osteoporosis occurs.

[Insomnia] Eating too much sweets can also have an adverse effect on sleep. Researchers have investigated 1000 cases of sleep disorders and found that more than 87% of patients love sweet foods.

Children eat more sweets: long decayed teeth, fat gain

[Caries] If we regularly consume large amounts of sugar, bacteria in our mouth It will decompose and ferment the residual sugar in the mouth. This process will produce a certain amount of acidic material that will erode our teeth. Many children's tooth decay is caused by sweet tooth eating.

[Obesity] People who eat sweets tend to gain weight because excess sugar can convert itself into fat, affecting normal appetite and hindering Intake of vitamins and other nutrients, so that fat accumulation, body fat.

For diet, besides refusing to eat sweets, Li Guolie has several "points". Everyone may wish to use it as a reference for health benefits:

Miscellaneous, the meat must be eaten, and the thickness must be matched;

Frequently, the meat must be eaten, not much, the proportion of vegetables is increased; Strong>

Lighter, less oil and less salt;

Fewer, eat 8 full meals per meal.

Zhu Nansun, a national doctor of traditional Chinese medicine, Gynecologists

Never Eat Fried Foods

Nan Zhu Sun Sun, a Chinese national aged doctor, is 97 years old, but he still does not eat fried foods.

Adhere to two visits per week, in addition to a slight decrease in hearing, her vision and memory are good. She said that she did not deliberately go back to health, and she did not eat in her own food, but never touched two things - supplements and fried foods.

Having long been engaged in clinical gynecology, Zhu Nansun summarized women's physiology Pathological features - mostly yin and huh, "female compatriots should eat fried fried foods, or easy to get angry, causing yin and yang."

In addition, eating large quantities of fried foods for a long period of time will also result in: increased prostate cancer, increased risk of heart disease, increased risk of diabetes, possible stroke, increased stomach cancer, and colorectal cancer Risk, Accelerated Senescence, Fatness, Metabolic Disorders...

"I basically don't take any tonics like the "magical" nutritious products in the advertisements that I have never tried. I'm more inclined to Sibu."

On health, Professor Zhu Nansun basically does not need tonics, not to eat health supplements. However, only the American ginseng bought by his son, Professor Zhu Nansun felt that it had nourishing yin effect and he insisted on eating without exception. Professor Zhu Nansun's recipe for this bowl of American ginseng soup is also very elaborate.

【American Ginseng Decoction】 Take 15 g of Chinese wolfberry and 6 g of American Ginseng. Cook it overnight. You can eat in the morning if you warm up.

The American ginseng is flat and suitable for all seasons. It has the effect of nourishing yin and replenishing qi. The wolfberry cultivates liver and kidney, and can also support blood and eyesight.

If you want to try this recipe, you must listen to Professor Zhu Nansun's following words:p>

This component is the amount of two days, people with spleen deficiency put two or three red dates, bad stomach is not recommended to drink, cough, cold is not completely good stop drinking for a few days.

If you have a conditional old friend, you can properly do your own diet. If you have qi and blood deficiency, eat more angelica mutton soup. If your spleen is weak, you can eat yams. As long as you are symptomatic and persevere, it is not difficult to adjust your stomach and stomach.

Zou Yanqin, famous Renal physician

< p>Don't eat cold drinks

Ms. Zou Yanqin, 86, is a three-generation family with slow aging and good health. Zou Yanqin introduced that the principle of family diet is nothing special and there is no taboo. However, before the death of her father, Chinese nephrology master Zou Yunxiang, he left a sentence: Do not allow family and children to eat cold drinks!

< Strong > What influence does eating cold drink have on health?

[Stomach and Intestines] Summer's greedy cold foods and cold drinks can not only relieve heat, but they will Injury stomach. Because "the stomach is not like cold," and "the kidney is also warm and not cold." The body's blood and grain nutrition must rely on the spleen and stomach to absorb and transport. By relying on the kidneys to eliminate the body's metabolic toxins, it is very important to protect the spleen and stomach and the kidneys.

[Injury of gastric mucosa] Long-term excessive cold foods enter the stomach, causing the submucosal vasoconstriction of the gastric mucosa and the thinning of the mucous membranes, thus protecting the stomach's "natural barrier" - The mucus layer is damaged, resulting in a decrease in the defense capacity of the stomach and an increase in the invasiveness of stomach acid and pepsin.Mucosal edema and erosion occur, eventually resulting in chronic gastritis.

[Induced Recessive Diseases] If you drink a lot of cold drinks, it will cause the elderly blood vessels to contract suddenly and increase blood pressure. It is easy for hypertensive patients to induce cerebral hemorrhage.

[Evoked myocardial infarction]According to the “City Letter” report, Mr. Hu, who lives in the southern district of Qingdao, had a cold beer on a street stand. He went to bed at night and suddenly sweated. His family sent him to the Ninth People’s Hospital of Qingdao. After inspection, Mr. Hu was diagnosed with an acute inferior myocardial infarction.

[Dysmenorrhea, Irregular Menstruation] Women not only need to touch cold drinks all year round, but they must wash their cold baths, otherwise they will find dysmenorrhea and irregular menstruation. It is common sense.

[Child overdrinking cold drinks affects development] Cold drinks can irritate a child's gastrointestinal tract, causing the child's appetite to fall and eating less. For a long time this will inevitably lead to children's lack of various nutrients and malabsorption, and seriously affect the growth and development of children.

[Eating more can lead to headaches] Eating too much cold can lead to headaches. This is mainly because of the large amount of cold drinks, the upper jaw in the mouth will quickly become cold, because the temperature drops too quickly, the nerve center of the nerve center of the back will send wrong signals to the brain, causing the brain blood vessels to shrink rapidly.

Zhou Weishun, National Director of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Zhejiang Provincial Hospital of Oncology Chinese medicine practitioners

Never eat pickled products

For many years, Professor Zhou has been adhering to Dietary principles: Never eat pickled products such as pickles, mustard, dried ume, etc. Never eat overnight vegetables and only eat fresh seasonal vegetables.

[Damage of Gastric Mucosa] Preserved foods contain high-salt ingredients that can easily damage the gastric mucosa, while pickled foods are added to prevent Corrupted nitrites produce high carcinogens during the fermentation of food and digestion of stomach food.

[Increase cancer risk] Especially nitrosamines have a strong carcinogenic effect and may cause gastric cancer and even colorectal cancer.

[High-salt marinated blood vessels] Salted foods contain large amounts of salt. Eating too much salt will directly increase blood pressure and “preserve” blood vessels. Accelerates the occurrence of arteriosclerosis.

Lei Zhongyi, Chinese Medicine Master

Never eat animal visceral

The Chinese medicine practitioner Lei Zhongyi is 84 years old, but he still has good eyesight, quick thinking, and good health. In Lei Lao’s regimen of health, he specifically mentioned the phrase “Never eat animal organs and fat”.

< Strong>What are the health risks hidden in animal internal organs?

[Toxin Enrichment]We all know that the liver is the detoxification site for all animals and that it is difficult to avoid toxins. For example, bile acids, etc., can easily cause poisoning once processed improperly.

[High Cholesterol Content] Some visceral cholesterol is high and easyThe combination of excessive LDL cholesterol causes cardiovascular disease.

[High purine content] According to statistics, the purine content of liver, kidney, pancreas, heart, brain and other purines is several hundred milligrams per 100 grams of animal, which belongs to purine foods.

Lei Zhongyi pays attention to light diet and pays special attention to diet structure . Lei Zhongyi also reminded everyone that cardiovascular disease can be properly used with some herbal tea and it is also helpful for rehabilitation.

[Hills of radix salviae miltiorrhiza] Take 10 g of hawthorn to remove keratin slices , Salvia 6g, wash slices, together into the stew cup, add 200 ml of water, home Wuhuo boil, and then slow fire boiling for 15 minutes, to leave the juice residue, you can drink.

[Hawthorn peach kernel tea] Take hawthorn 20g, washed with kernels, peach kernel 6g, washed and peeled, washed with safflower 6g, Salvia 10g washed and sliced, four Chinese herbal medicine into the stew cup, add 300 ml of water, stew for 15 minutes, to leave the juice to the residue, you can drink.

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