4 bad habits that hurt the liver more than drinking! Many people are doing it, no wonder liver disease "favors" you

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4 bad habits that hurt the liver more than drinking! Many people are doing it, no wonder liver disease "favors" you

2018-04-28 10:26:06 127 ℃

Drinking is one of the most damaging liver practices in daily life. Friends who love to drink and have a lot of entertainment often have bad liver conditions. Some people drink very easily drunk, in fact, this is the liver signal to you, the liver can help us to metabolize alcohol, the product of alcohol acetaldehyde out of the body, when you are easy to drunk, indicating that the liver is damaged State, and can not be a good metabolism of acetaldehyde, then still can drink less drink it, health is the first.

In addition to drinking, some bad habits may be more serious for our liver. If you do, then pay attention.

1. Do not eat dinner

A lot of people are not satisfied with their body and they are thinking about various ways to lose weight. The most common is not to eat dinner. This is easy to increase blood lipid levels, and then induce fatty liver.

2. Staying awake

Medical research proves that before 11 o'clock, it is the best time for people to fall asleep. Before this time, they fall asleep and the body enters self-repair mode. Each organ starts Effective detoxification ensures good health and smooth operation between organs.

3. Indiscriminate medication

The medicine is filled with every corner of our lives; and our liver is also suffering from the "torture" of these medicines!

4. Eat greasy

Eating too much fatty foods is a taboo for healthy eating!

Duck meat winter melon soup: Ziyin Yanggan, spleen and dampness

Winter melon and duck 500 grams of meat, 100 grams of pig lean meat, Gorgon, 50 grams each of acacia, 1 lotus leaf, 5 grams of dried tangerine peel, salt amount. Duck meat, pork lean clean cuts, gourd with skin cleansing and cutting, wash lotus leaf cut into small pieces. Put it in a casserole together with wolfberry, Coix seed and tangerine peel, add appropriate amount of fresh water, boil first with high heat, and cook with low heat until the roast meat is rotten.

Dandelion is a common wild flower in the countryside. It is full of treasures. It is its root and it can also be foamed. Drink water and have a good nourishing effect. DandelionThe roots, soaked in water to drink, especially good at clearing liver heat, lose liver fire, anti-inflammatory detoxification. Female friends often drink, can dilute the stain, but also have a preventive effect on mastitis.

Astragalus contains a variety of trace elements. Astragalus soaked in water can replenish the spleen and replenish qi and make up the lungs. There is also the role of enhancing immunity, lowering blood pressure, and protecting the liver and inflammation.

The liver is silently detoxifying every day. Keeping our healthy organs needs our attention and protection. After reading these, immediately eat it!

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