People with bad livers will sell you eyes and see if you have these signals.

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People with bad livers will sell you eyes and see if you have these signals.

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Introduction :

If the liver is good, look at the eyes, face, and body!

A: The liver is not good, there are three eyes Signals

1. Dry eyes, eye fatigue - poor liver blood performance

Mobile phones, computers, are indispensable in daily life work, which leads to use Eye strength is also increasing, eye fatigue is not surprising, it will often appear, depending on Mongolia, eye swelling, dry eyes, burning, eye and eyelid soreness and other symptoms and headache, nausea, fatigue and other discomfort, but You have to understand that reading a computer for a long time is very depleting of liver blood!

2. There are bloodshot eyes, blurred vision - the performance of liver fierce

Hepatogenic fibroids are mainly caused by irregular life, bad emotional depression, or excessive tobacco and alcohol. As the liver passes through the head, ears, and chest, it is dizzy and swollen, and both ears roar and chest pain. At the same time, Taoist doctors have the idea of ​​"living heads," and therefore ocular symptoms often appear when the liver is prosperous. Such as: red eyes, dry eyes, eye secretions and more.

3. Yellowing of the sclera - Hepatitis performance

"Yellowing the sclera" is an important basis for diagnosing liver diseases. Hepatitis A and acute Hepatitis B will almost always exist to varying degrees. "Sclera yellow stained."

II: The liver is not good, there are three signals on the face

Hemorrhoids:Hepatic toxin build-up, causing hormone imbalance, endocrine disorders Cause acne.

Acne:Human corpus luteum hormones play a role in promoting sebum secretion. The liver can destroy the corpus luteum hormones and adjust the hormonal balance. Therefore, a decrease in liver function leads to an increase in sebum secretion, which eventually leads to acne.

Color: Liver blood, lack of hepatic blood, and lack of adequate nourishment on the face, will be dull. If the liver cannot detoxify normally, the toxins will remain in the body, and even the other female friends of the United States will become "yellow-faced."

Three: Liver is not good, there are two signals on the body

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Facial Neck, Chest The dark red blood vessels appearing on the surface of the skin where the superior vena cava flows through, such as the back of the shoulders and upper extremities, resemble spiders and are called "spiderhoppers." About 54% of patients with chronic hepatitis and liver cirrhosis may have spider mites. With the liver functionFor the better, the spider's beak can turn from bright red to dark and disappear.

So, if you have spider lice in your body, be sure to check the liver for lesions!


See Surgical Authenticity, Volume IV Because of the anger of the liver, the shape of the liver begins to look red, and gradually grows like beans and blood flow. If you find that you have a lot of blood red blood on your body, go to the hospital to look up the liver, usually this is the performance of liver damage.

When the liver is damaged, the ability to inactivate estrogen decreases, and blood stasis occurs. It is usually found in the upper trunk area, and is more common in face, neck, and hands.

Indicated by blood stasis, the stagnation of fatty phlegm, prone to fatty liver, cirrhosis, cholecystitis, more common in fatty liver, chronic hepatitis patients.

Teach you how to protect the liver's health

1. The first move: persist in doing three small hepatoprotective activities

1. Tooth decay

Practice: sit, relax, and beat the upper and lower teeth quietly 36 times. The speed should be slow and even.

The dental caries can not only stimulate the liver, but also strengthen the teeth, and can also find a variety of dental questions. It has a finding effect on oral diseases such as gum degeneration and periodontal disease.

2. Dry-cleaning legs

Every day home from work can come to a liver protection, dry-cleaning legs.

Practice: Hold the thigh on one side with both hands, rub it down to the ankle slightly, then go up to the root of the leg. Or you can rub your calf, that is, the calf that is clamped on both sides with both palms and rotate it.

2. The second measure: drink liver detoxification tea every day

Drinking tea is a good way of health care, not only can add body fluids, enhance blood circulation, promote metabolism, but also It is good for digestion, absorption and elimination of waste, and reduces the damage to the liver caused by metabolites and toxins.

To protect the liver, it is suitable for herbal medicine and herbal tea, such as:

Dandelion Root Tea: Dandelion is a dual-purpose plant for medicine and food. It has been considered as an antidote for more than 100 years. Can promote liver detoxification, improve liver cell viability, repair damaged liver cells, and have a good diuretic effect, can promote the metabolism of harmful substances out of the body through the urine, promote kidney detoxification, can reduce the burden on the liver.

Modern science has confirmed, dandelion may antagonize the endotoxin-induced liver cell lysosomes and mitochondria damage, the lifting of internal Due to toxic effects caused by toxins, it can protect the liver and enhance liver regeneration.

Guashen Tea: : Also known as Yuzhu, it is a dual-purpose medicinal and edible plant. Both the Shennong Ben Cao Jing and the Compendium of Materia Medica have listed it as a top grade. Suitable for men and women, young and old, and its tonic effect can be compared with ginseng and jaundice.

The ginseng extract has a significant protective effect on immune liver damage and reduces the toxic effects on hepatocytes.

and the end of the reference contains a health effect on the human body and various amino acid glycosides, zinc, manganese and other nutrients, It has the functions of protecting the heart and blood vessels, cleaning up garbage in the body, and delaying aging. The tail ginseng has the effect of "supplementing five internal organs, nourishing qi and blood, complementing and moisturizing, and eliminating wind and heat."

Root tea Magnolia: Magnolia is edible herbal root, root extract hepatoprotective effect which is due to the presence of choline phospholipid synthesis acceleration, which can accelerate the rate of repair cells, liver cells Obvious protection. The lipid-soluble components and water-soluble components of Magnolia root extracts have significant protective effects on chemical or alcoholic liver injury.

3. The third move: Keep one mind and one mind less

1. Exercise more.

Active physical exercise is an effective way to protect the liver.Because exercise can reduce excessive body weight, prevent obesity, eliminate excessive fat damage to the liver, and promote gas exchange, accelerate blood circulation, protect the liver can get more oxygen and nutrients.

From the perspective of protecting the liver, one must choose a good sports venue. It is better to have a wide field, a wide field of vision, and a fresh air.

Two must choose a good exercise program to exercise Physical strength and endurance are the goals of systemic low-intensity dynamic exercises such as jogging, fast walking, cycling, going up and down the stairs, climbing, playing badminton, kicking shuttlecock, playing ball, dancing, skipping rope, swimming, playing tai chi and so on.

2. Staying up late

Now more and more people are staying up late, regardless Is working overtime, or playing games to kill time, "night owl" family more and more!

Early day and night, directly injuring the liver, injuring the gallbladder, and injuring the kidneys for a long time, gradually causing serious consequences of blood and blood loss.

A lot of people think that staying up late is not a big deal, as long as they can make up for it in the daytime. but it is not the truth.

Modern medical studies have found that the time for liver cell regeneration is mainly in the early hours. In this time period, the injured hepatocytes will not be regenerated. Therefore, although daytime bodily rejuvenation allows us to regain our strength, it does not allow the injured liver cells to regenerate as well as night and early morning sleep.

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It is essential to replenishing qi and blood. People who care for their health must know ~

The most harmful emotions to the human body are not anger and sadness.

The spleen is ill and people are wasting half! Spleen depression is more terrible than kidney deficiency. 99% of people do not know what happened to those who slept at 10 o'clock in the morning and started at 5 o'clock.

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