1 year early discovery, or live 20 years! 10 pancreatic cancer symptoms, do not pretend not to see!

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1 year early discovery, or live 20 years! 10 pancreatic cancer symptoms, do not pretend not to see!

2018-04-28 10:26:11 127 ℃

For many people, the pancreas is an organ that you have seriously neglected. No wonder it is only 15 centimeters long and hidden behind your stomach. The main job is to help you digest food and control blood sugar. Usually it will finish its work behind the scenes in silence. But when it does, it affects your entire body. The most horrific part of pancreatic cancer is that it is one of the highest mortality rates among all cancers, and only 8% of people are still alive five years after diagnosis.

Why? It is mainly because it is difficult to find it in the early stage of treatment. After all, the pancreas is deep in the body, so that early tumors can't be seen or felt. Even before the cancer spreads to other organs, people often neglect or even notice the symptoms of pancreatic cancer. That's why they know about pancreatic cancer. Symptoms are extremely important. Because of its high mortality rate, do not take this risk. If you have any of the following symptoms, it is best to see a doctor.

1. Your eyes and skin are yellow

The white part of your eyes and skin turns yellow, never Good thing. This may be a sign of many diseases, including liver failure and pancreatic cancer. The reason is that many pancreatic tumors start at the head of the pancreas and close to the bile duct. Even small tumors can exert pressure on the bile duct and block the bile duct. The bile duct should have passed through the pancreas and deliver the bile from the liver and gallbladder to the small intestine. One of the contents of bile work is to eliminate bilirubin, so when bile can not work, excessive bilirubin can cause jaundice and yellow eyes.

2. You seem to be pregnant for four months >

Bloating is normal after eating, but if it lasts for several days, it's wrong. As pancreatic tumors grow larger, they can cause your abdomen to swell. Of course it may not be cancer, but you prefer to make a fuss instead of leaving regrets, right?

3. Your favorite dessert also lost its appeal>

A lack of appetite is another early indicator of pancreatic cancer. This is because as tumors grow in the abdomen, they can exert pressure on the surrounding organs, including your stomach. As a result, even if you do not eat for hours, you may feel sick or feel full, and eating may even make you feel pain.

4. You have an unexplained weight loss

A loss of appetite can easily lead to a rapid weight loss. The standard is Weight loss was more than 5% within six months to one year. If you can't explain why your weight is reduced, it is best to see a doctor.

5. Your backache hurts painfully p>

As the pancreatic tumor grows, it not only puts pressure on the internal organs but it also stimulates the lower spine and back muscles, causing persistent dullness. Many women have become accustomed to regular low back pain due to menstruation. But if the pain at the waist continues, not stopping at the end of the menstrual period, it's best to check it out.

6. Your urine looks more like tea

Dark urine is a sign of dehydration, but it also It is often the first sign that people noticed Huang Wei. As the tumor causes a reduction in bile output, the bilirubin level in the blood rises and the urine becomes brown. If you increase the amount of drinking water can not make the urine back to normal color, it is best to check.

7. Your skin is persistently itchy

Itchy body skin is an early warning sign of jaundice and pancreatic cancer. As bilirubin accumulates in the skin, it causes itching before it turns yellow. Therefore, if there are no identified reasons for itching, such as mosquito bites or allergies, it is best to do a check.

8. The color of your feces is bizarre

Gray, light, or greasy stools are the same for youBad, because the signals they represent are not good. The reason is still bilirubin. It is usually excreted through the intestines and, like the feces, gives the excrement a characteristic dark brown colour. However, when the tumor blockage results in insufficient bile, bilirubin cannot pass through the feces, which changes the color and traits of the stool, such as becoming grayish.

9. Unexplained pain in your stomach

Looking for a doctor complains of a stomach ache that looks like something that only young children can do, but this undefined pain may be an early symptom of pancreatic cancer. Because the pancreas is located behind the lower abdomen and behind the stomach, whatever you eat, the tumor will have a persistent stomachache.

10. You just feel something wrong

The most horrible thing about pancreatic cancer is: Once the symptoms are obvious and clear The prognosis may be poor. In order to find out early, you must pay attention to those ambiguous symptoms, including your feelings, or your intuition.

All in all, please keep in mind that checking is always better, which avoids missing important things and avoids regrets on one day.