Blocking your body here will trigger 70 diseases! This dredge method is super useful!

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Blocking your body here will trigger 70 diseases! This dredge method is super useful!

2018-04-30 20:26:03 267 ℃

Many people are afraid The old, in fact, the body's aging is started from the shoulders and necks, because the shoulder and neck is the most likely to pile up toxins, is the key to the disease.

If the shoulders and necks are blocked, 70 kinds of illnesses will be caused.

  • Neck and neck blocked →Blood pressure is up!

  • Neck and neck blocked →Sleep well, dream a lot!

  • Neck and neck blocked →Memory is getting worse!

  • The neck of the neck is blocked →The head cannot be turned back!

  • Neck and neck blocked →More and more gynecological diseases, menopause earlier!

  • The shoulders of the neck are blocked → is insufficient for blood supply, causing problems in all aspects!

Why Shoulder Neck The key to the disease? After reading the following introduction, you will understand.

I.Shoulder structure


There are seven sections in the cervical spine, which connect the nerves to the head and face. Cervical spine is the most vulnerable to injury in the spine, the leastThere is a place of security.

There are two large arteries in the neck. The shoulders and necks are like the crossroads of the human body and are the main channel for blood supply to the head.

Second, the consequences of shoulder and neck congestion

Because the neck is The brain's main switch, head and face blood flow through the shoulders and necks. Chinese medicine stresses that the best way to regulate the human body is to use ventilation. If the blood is not smooth, toxins in the blood will accumulate in the shoulders and necks, which will stiffen the shoulders and necks.

III. Place where the human body is the first to age

There are several points at the neck and shoulders: Fengchi, Fengfu and Fengmen. Acupuncture point is the main channel of “wind, cold, dampness and evil spirits” entering the body. After the wind, dampness and evil enter the shoulders and necks, it will form a blockage here.

The circulation of the human body is from the top to the bottom. When there are many toxins in the human body, the first place where the toxins accumulate is the shoulders and necks, because the shoulders and necks are the crossroads of the human body, and toxins build up can cause shoulders. Neck hardening, aging.

When the shoulders and necks are blocked, the head and the neck may not be able to produce enough hormones to secrete hormones. Especially women, they will directly lead to endocrine disorders and advance into menopause.

4. How do shoulder and neck care?

Before stiffening of the neck and shoulders, the first cause is wind and dampness. The obstruction, to really get through the neck and shoulders the best way is firepower massage, scraping and moxibustion. Now share with friends a scraping method that everyone can use. Specific methods are:

Select sitting or prone position, expose neck and shoulder scraping area, wipe with a hot towel to clean.

  • First of all, apply a uniform scraping medium (scraping oil) on the neck and rub it on the skin with a scraping plate to feel heat. The scraped person must relax;

  • Swipe the first line first, that is, from Fengfu to Dazhui on the middle of Dumai from top to bottom (pictured);

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    • After wiping the Tianzhu from the bladder to the cervix, one on each side; p>

    • After blowing from the wind pool hole to the shoulder shoulder of the shoulder, one left and one right, the wind pool hole to the neck root scraping from the top down, Jian Jing points from the inside out.

    There must be two points for scraping the back of the neck:

    The first step is to scrape each line. The length of the scraping wipe is 3–5 cm, and the strength is first light and heavy;

    The second is that the scraping plate should be uniformly downward at a 45-degree angle, gradually increasing the force from light to medium. During the entire scraping process, the scraping plate must have a force that penetrates into the skin. Each scraping strip is wiped 15-30 times.

    The site where pain, muscle stiffness is not smooth should focus on the scraping wipe. In short, the painful place should be scraped several times and the painless place should be scraped several times. Patients with neck and shoulder pain have been suggested to wipe once per week; after pain is relieved, they should be wiped once every 2-3 weeks to consolidate the curative effect.

    The shoulders and necks are a bridge connecting the head and the trunk. The shoulders and necks bear the blood vessels, nerves and meridians of the human body and communicate with the whole body. So we can say shoulders and necks. The health of a person has a direct impact on the health of the entire body, and by scraping off the meridians of the shoulders and necks, it is possible to treat not only shoulder and neck disorders, but also greatly improve the face of the human body.

    After shaving, Then moxibustion Dazhui, Jian Jing, 30 minutes each, the long-term adhere to the effect is very good!

    Note: After the shoulder and neck maintenance, should not shower, shampoo, avoid cold Because scraping, moxibustion has qi and blood circulation, promote blood circulation, when the body's blood circulation is faster, it is not appropriate to shower, so as to avoid cold caused by cold and wet invasion, physical discomfort, etc.. Should drink hot water or tea Promotes metabolism and is not suitable for strenuous exercise.