Shooting your disease with your hands is so simple!

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Shooting your disease with your hands is so simple!

2018-05-02 20:26:21 244 ℃

1, tapping the entire head, focusing on the Baihui points

The flapping head has a significant effect on headaches, dizziness, tingling, cerebellar atrophy, memory loss, sequelae of cerebral thrombosis.

Patient at the Baihui acupoint is mainly aimed at high blood pressure, insomnia, and at the same time the role of adjuvant therapy on the cervical spine. According to each individual's individual condition, the feeling is also different, and the performance condition is swelling, head nausea, and depth. There are pain points, and the discomfort will naturally disappear after the blood flow.

2, tapping the entire face, focusing on the eyes

Pet up the face to stretch wrinkles, freckle, Rejuvenates skin, enhances elasticity of the skin, and acts as a cosmetic. Beating the eye is mainly to relieve fatigue, assisted treatment of myopia, if you can insist on self-clapping 15 minutes a day, a month can be reduced by 100 degrees.

3. Tap the tip of your throat and your forehead.

Tapping your throat to treat a fever, allergic rhinitis, stuffy nose, and headaches caused by a cold, etc. Hundreds can be cleared. There is a feeling of acupuncture on the forehead, and if you feel a warm feeling, the discomfort disappears.

4. Knead the neck and tap the neck

The neck is very rich in the meridians and arterial veins. Kneading here will promote the head's blood circulation to the stiff neck, sprain, Lymph fire, sore throat and other symptoms have a good effect. Slightly tapping the cervical spine can relieve cervical hyperplasia, calcification, headaches caused by insufficient blood supply, nausea, and neck stiffness. Routinely rubbing the neck with both hands is the best way of care, allowing the brain to have sufficient blood flow and delaying aging.

5. Beating Zhongfu Point

Patient on Zhongfu points has obvious effects on bronchitis, emphysema, bronchial asthma, etc. Every day, you insist on tapping yourself for 20 minutes. You can basically stop using drugs for one month and continue to insist on it. get well.

Pulling Zhongfu points also has a high cure rate for pharyngitis and oral ulcers. The impact can penetrate the pericardium, hepatobiliary and even the entire chest cavity.The best choice to help regulate the internal organs.

There is a feeling of chest tightness, lung pain, bloating, and uncomfortable feeling when the Zhongfu point is tapped. Persistent discomfort will disappear gradually.

6. Beating the arm

The main body of the flapping arm relieves the acidity of the shoulders, hemp, pain, fascia nodules, weakness, or blood caused by the cervical spine. Smoothness and other symptoms have a good auxiliary effect on wrists and fingers caused by rheumatoid arthritis. After being beaten, they will feel tired, weak, swollen or licking.

7. Beating the double ribs

Pat on the liver and gallbladder area and the spleen and pancreas to achieve the best results. With both hands palm or fist beat the next two ribs, the left hand is the spleen, pancreas, the right hand is liver and gallbladder, the middle is the stomach, fatty liver, cirrhosis, liver cysts, liver qi stagnation and cholecystitis, small gallstones, polyps, diabetes, spleen deficiency All kinds of stomach pains, bloating, stomach qi stagnation, spleen and stomach disharmony and other diseases have a good effect.

Pat this area with the following reaction: Liver is uncomfortable, painful, irritated, uncomfortable, bulging, stomach ache, bloating, cramps Out of taste. When the inside and outside heat are photographed, the above discomfort disappears and the body feels relaxed.

8. Fighting the stomach

Stomping the stomach is for people who have no other diseases, only stomach discomfort, such as: stomachache, stomach acid, bloating, gastric mucosal shedding, stomach Hemorrhoids, gastritis, stomach ulcers and other diseases. First rubbing and then tapping gently, some patients can not touch the beginning, the stomach is very stiff; slowly relieved and then beat. Stomach disease is very stubborn, and it takes a long time to keep it open to cure. People who have stomach problems must beat the abdomen. After pat, the stomach will feel very comfortable. When people with severe stomach troubles, they feel very uncomfortable. There is a feeling that cannot be expressed. People with stomach qi stagnation mainly manifest themselves in exhaust, snoring, and slap. Warm and relaxed.

9. Beat the abdomen.

Patging the abdomen first has a weight-reducing effect that can promote intestinal peristalsis, resolve constipation, intestinal knots, infertility, and small uterine fibroids. The above diseases are caused by qi stagnation and blood stasis until the pain in the entire abdominal cavity disappears. There is a sense of warmth.

10. Beat the groin

The groin has the function of penetrating the lower extremities of the upper extremities, major arterial veins and lymphatic trunks, so frequent tapping here can promote blood circulation in the abdomen and lower extremities, especially for the healing of femoral head necrosis. effect.

11. Beat the ring jump hole

Stimulus ring jump hole is mainly to promote blood circulation, assist Conditioning back pain, leg pain due to poor blood circulation, numbness, cold and other symptoms, this site has a significant effect for the treatment of femoral head necrosis.

12. Beat the kidney area

Patient the kidney area mainly for people with kidney disease, nephritis, renal cysts, pyelonephritis, urinary frequency, renal failure, renal dysfunction, backache, back pain , body weakness, insomnia, deafness and so on. In the first shot of the kidney area, there will be a feeling of acid, hemp, nausea, and pain. In a word, it will vary from person to person, each with different feelings. From light to heavy, it will gradually progress until the pain disappears.

13. Patting the tail vertebral

Beating the tail vertebra is because it was once harmed. The initial pat will feel that it is empty, there is no pain, and it feels like when the blood is full. Pain, there are obvious effects on constipation and acne.

14. Beating the knee

Plap the knee is mainly caused by arthritis, knee pain, joint cooling, acid, cramps, varicose veins, spurs, and poor blood circulation. The legs are distraught and unable to sleep well. After a beat, a few people will appear dark.

15. Beating Dazhui Point

Patge on Dazhui for cough, sore throat, and convulsions in children , cervical, cold have a good effect.

16, tapping the shoulders

Chopping the shoulders to treat fifty shoulders, frozen shoulders, calcification of the shoulders, shoulder pain, lifting difficulties, Get cold, stiff neck and so on. Beat the shoulders for a longer period of time, from pain to no pain, from warm to the scapula, the front shoulder are hot enough so far.

17, flapping the back

The main treatment for the back of the flap is to treat the back with stiff, heavy, stiff, cold, long-term work, and back qi Diseases that are not unimpeded have a good effect.

18, Slap the spine

ridgeColumns are an important part of supporting the entire body. It is very important to protect the spine. All organs and limbs are related to the spine. Beating the spine has excellent effects on rigidity, bending, hyperplasia, dislocation, calcification, and spinal cord growth.

19. Clapping

Clap can promote hand microcirculation, finger numbness, finger joints Pain, palm peeling and other effects are very effective. At the same time recuperates the internal organs and relieves visceral pressure.

20. Feet

By using the ground to shake the entire leg with the foot floor, the legs, colds, numbness, cramps, and walking problems are wiped out, and viscera can be promoted. Blood circulation.

Half a day, health is forever.