Why do you lick your fingers? Can you not worry? Today all told you clearly

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Why do you lick your fingers? Can you not worry? Today all told you clearly

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In life, many people like to squeak their fingers, especially primary school students and middle school students. In front of others, the fingers made a "bang" sound, I feel very sour, that this is a skill, but also show off.

But have you ever wondered why squeaking your fingers can make you squeaky? What are the hazards of making your sour fingers? Take a look together.

Why does your finger ring?

Actually, there are many theories about the squeaking of fingers. Among them, bubble theory has the most supporters. The theory is that the sound produced by the finger joints is related to the presence of carbon dioxide bubbles in the synovial fluid that lubricates and cushions the joints.

The reason why a finger can make a sound is mainly divided into the following two:

Physical Snapping of a Finger

Physiological snapping has its mechanism. In simple terms, the physiological snapping is not causing any pain in the finger joints and any discomfort.

There are few problems with general physiological snapping, so don't worry too much. All you have to do is observe.

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Pathological Bomb Ringing

For example, osteoarthritis of the fingers and tenosynovitis of the fingers can all cause the elasticity of the inter-finger joints. This kind of snapping is caused by the lesions of the fingers. .

Of finger osteoarthritis, which is the degeneration of the cartilage of the finger, hyperosteogeny, which causes the frictional resistance of the joint between the fingers to increase, resulting in bouncing. Tenosynovitis is a local inflammation that results from compression of the flexor tendon of the finger, causing it to squeak.

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Pathological sounds that need to be rested and braked as much as possible to avoid bouncing. General treatment The primary disease, it is best to go to the hospital to see, combined with the doctor's physical examination, and then further processing.

Would your fingers lead to arthritis?

There is a certain relationship between the two, but appropriate physiological snapping of the inter-finger joint does not cause arthritis between the fingers, nor does it cause other problems in the inter-finger joint.

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But some people like to deliberately pinch out some of their fingers and think that these movements are very cool. Some people are even addicted to snapping. Keep your finger joints booming every day. Be sure to pay attention to the proper amount of finger joints.

What are the dangers of rubbing fingers?

< From a medical point of view, the snapping itself is also a kind of friction. Moderate snapping has no harm to the joints, but the incidence of snapping is high, friction increases, and will slowly produce a hand. Chronic inflammation of the interphalangeal joints, which can also slowly lead to arthritis of the fingers.

Even if it is a physiological snapping, it is necessary to grasp moderate and moderate amounts, because once physiological squeaking increases, or if the artificial squeak increases greatly,ultimately, it will easily lead to pathological squeaking. /strong>

So, your fingers should be moderate.