Is the cupping really detox? Is the extracted blisters really a toxin in the body?

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Is the cupping really detox? Is the extracted blisters really a toxin in the body?

2018-05-04 10:25:50 447 ℃

As people pay more attention to health, more and more people are beginning to join the health team. One of the ways to keep your health is to cupping, especially in the summer. You will see a deep circle behind many of your friends. Even when some people go to the bathhouse to bathe, they will come to a cupping. Legend has it that cupping can detoxify the body. Even the United States "flying fish" Phelps is also a soft spot for cupping, once became a hot topic of discussion.

After this, there are some friends who have doubts about this. Can cupping really work as a detoxifier? Is the blistering from the back of the body really a toxin in the body? Today we will come together to find out!

■History of cupping:

In ancient times, this kind of The method is not called cupping but it is called angle method. Because in ancient times, doctors at the time were usually the corners of animals used for disease treatment. It was not until the Sui and Tang dynasties that people began to use bamboo cans instead of animal horns; from that time on, this therapy was greatly promoted. Until the Song, Jin, and Yuan dynasties, the animal horn was completely abandoned and the bamboo can had completely replaced the animal's horn. By the time of the Ming Dynasty, this method of cupping had been applied to one of the most important therapies in Chinese medicine surgery. Until the Qing Dynasty, the cupping was upgraded once again, because bamboo cans are cheap and easy to obtain, but the adsorption force is not good, so that from the Qing Dynasty, pots made of clay were introduced. In fact, the cupping therapy has been around for more than 2,000 years, and there are many records of its therapy along the way. However, there are many materials for the cupping, such as our common bamboo jars, glass jars, etc.; most of the cupping cups will be used in conjunction with acupuncture to greatly improve their efficacy.

■The significance of cupping for good health:

The significance of the cupping to our health is also many. Normally, it will release the air from the tank by burning fire or pumping it, so that it can be firmlyAdsorption on the surface of our skin, and after a period of time, can lead to the formation of blood deposits. The cupping cup is most famous for pulling out moisture from the body and eliminating the coldness of the body. In addition, in our body, there are many meridians and meridians, and through the cupping can play a role in clearing the meridians; from the perspective of traditional Chinese medicine In addition to a large number of meridians, the body also has a variety of acupoints, all of which are closely related to our internal organs. We can stimulate the body's meridians and acupoints through cupping therapies. The internal organs of the body play a certain conditioning.

In addition, lupus disease, tissue damage, swelling and pain, and poor blood, which are common in our daily lives, and when cupping is performed, produce histamine, a substance that can follow our blood. Flows to various organ tissues of the body, thereby helping to restore a certain degree of organizational function of the body organs. In life, we can also infer the disease in the body based on the physical performance of the cupping.

It can be said that cupping is of great importance to our physical health and the treatment of some diseases.

■ Can the cupping really detoxify? Is the extracted blisters really a toxin in the body?

Generally, when we go to the bathhouse for bathing, some of the massage masters will often ask you if you need to use a cupping can to resolve the toxins in your body! There is no doubt that people all eat whole grains. In addition to nutrients that are beneficial to our bodies, foods also contain wastes of varying degrees. These wastes cannot be absorbed and used by the body and become toxins. Health has a certain impact.

●Can the cupping really work as a detox?

There must be some misunderstanding about this. The so-called detoxification of cupping is different from the waste toxin in our body. It does not refer to harmful substances in the body. The main ones are the moisture, cold, damp heat, fire poison, wet poison, hot poison, etc. It is the detoxification method of our body, and it is only an auxiliary method because we can have different forms of "toxin" in our body. Some toxins will directly follow.With stool, sweat, urine and other methods are discharged; and some toxins need to undergo a certain function of organ tissue conditioning. Therefore, everyone should be clear that cupping the most important thing is to remove cold wind, live tendons meridians, promoting blood circulation, stimulate the body's meridians and acupuncture points to regulate organ function, promote blood circulation and so on.

So everyone needs to understand clearly, some businesses say how the cupping can be done, we must give the correct understanding, do not be fooled by the exaggerated business propaganda.

● Is the extracted blisters really a toxin in the body?

Through the above content, I believe that it is obvious that the cupping can not pull out the toxins. The reason why blisters appear when cupping a cupping is that there are several situations. If there is a lot of moisture in your body, then it will be easy to see a lot of small droplets inside the jar. In addition, if the time for leaving the jars is too long, then it will easily lead to the formation of blisters. This is not a specific time, but mainly has a certain relationship with each person's different constitution. In addition, it is also possible that the temperature of the jar is too high, resulting in blisters caused by skin damage. Some friends may be related to the cupping position. For example, our body's buttocks, two ribs and other parts are very likely to have blisters.

Do you understand this time?