Is fermented bean curd really unhealthy? The answer is unexpected and must be seen for family health

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Is fermented bean curd really unhealthy? The answer is unexpected and must be seen for family health

2018-05-04 10:25:52 247 ℃

Is it healthy to eat fermented bean curd?

We have been wrong for so many years!

Sufu is delicious and nutritious,

Adding the stir-fry to it will not stop you from eating it.

People who have eaten say good!



Sufu is actually very healthy

Many people say that fermented bean curd is so salty or fermented and unhealthy We misunderstood it for many years! Sufu is a healthy human taste.

Misunderstanding 1: Sulphur exceeded salt levels

Many people find that fermented bean curd is particularly salty. A jar of salt. In fact, a piece of fermented bean curd may weigh about 10 grams, and its salt content is less than 1 gram, while the salt intake per person per day is 6 grams. Eating a piece of fermented bean curd will not cause excessive intake of salt.

Misunderstanding II: Nitrite in fermented bean curd

Sug bean curd does not produce during fermentation Nitrite can be eaten as soon as it is stored.

Misunderstanding 3: Sufu can cause cancer

Strains used to make sufu are harmless to humans It will not produce carcinogenic substances. It will only be used to break down the contents of the tofu, so don't worry about it.



Sufu benefits more

1: Spleen-enhancing stomach

Fructure of fermented bean curd produces yeast and other substances during fermentation, which can strengthen the spleen and stomach and increase appetite. Help digestion, loss of appetite, abdominal distention, and friends may wish to try eating some fermented bean curd.

2:Supplemental Protein

Sufu protein is tofu Two times, every 100 grams of fermented bean curd contains 10-12 grams of protein. The body is very easy to digest and absorb. A little bit of fermented bean curd can add protein to the diet.

3:Reduce blood lipids

There is a red layer on the surface of red bean curd The material, it is not chili! This substance is called red yeast, which can effectively clean the garbage in blood vessels and reduce blood fat.

4:Cholesterol reduction

Fructured bean curd itself does not contain cholesterol. After fermentation, a large quantity of aglycone isoflavones can also be produced. This substance can effectively reduce the absorption of cholesterol in the body and is much healthier than high-cholesterol cheese.

5:Prevention of osteoporosis

Sufu contains protein, High levels of estrogen can promote calcium absorption and prevent osteoporosis. People who regularly eat fermented bean curd have a significantly lower prevalence of osteoporosis, especially among the elderly and women.

6:Preventing Alzheimer's Disease

Sufu During Fermentation Produce a large number of B vitamins and amino acids, including vitamin B12, which is indispensable to the nervous system. Sugu in old and middle-aged people can effectively prevent Alzheimer's disease.

The function of fermented bean curd is so powerful,

but not everyone can eat it,

there is such a problem Friends should pay attention!


These people should not eat

The salt content of the fermented bean curd does not exceed the standard, but it still belongs to high-salt foods. Hypertension patients must try to eat as little as possible, so as to avoid excessive sodium intake aggravating the condition. Excess salt intake can damage the gastric mucosa, and friends with stomach problems should eat less.

The purine content of fermented bean curd is also relatively high. Gout patients should not be greedy, and eating as little or as little as possible is appropriate.

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