Mom found four strange things about her son and received a phone call from the doctor at the dinner table to save her son's life.

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Mom found four strange things about her son and received a phone call from the doctor at the dinner table to save her son's life.

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Uncle remarks:

Ignoring physical alertness, eating is also at high risk.

Last week, Jiao Dashu learned of a "strange thing" from the Children's Hospital attached to the Capital Institute of Children's Studies. In the morning, an 8-year-old boy came for an internal digestive exam and his mother said he was a bit thin lately. After the family had finished checking at the hospital at noon, they ate. Unexpectedly that night, the child went to the emergency room. This is how the same thing?

Uncle Coke arrived at the Children's Hospital ward of the Capital Institute of Children's Studies. I saw this little boy Xiao Nan (a pseudonym). At this time, he looks no different from normal children. He likes to play games and love cartoons. The child's father is looking through various reference books, and the child's mother still has a fear. What happened to this family and why did they enter the emergency room?

Time to go back six months ago. During this time my mother felt a bit strange to her son.

The first is too much to eat. It takes four meals a day plus a whole lot of snacks. The height of 1.3 meters children actually 82 pounds, a little fat. However, my mother had a bit of a contradiction. In her own words, he didn't like to eat and we chased him to eat. Now he loves eating and we chase after him every day.

The second weird thing was that my mother found her son drinking a little bit of water. You can drink several bottles of water a day, enough to have 3 or 4 liters. Especially at night, it even takes nights to drink water.

The third strange thing is more urine. In order to facilitate the children to go to the toilet at night, my mother specially prepared a urinal for him, which can be filled every night. At the time, my mother found a detail. The urine dropped on the floor was sticky and she had to stay for a long time.

The fourth strange thing is that although he can eat and drink, his son suddenly began to lose weight, always a look of listlessness, and the weight dropped from 80 kilos to 60 kilos.

Difficult to be a problem with his digestive system? Xiaonan’s mother intended to check with her children after the New Year’s, but she has been dragged to work because of her busy work.month.

The couple will never think that the danger is getting closer and closer to the child.

Digestionists gave Xiao Nan biochemistry and blood that morning General and a series of inspections. The family left the hospital after completing all the checks at 1pm. Mom and Dad deliberately took a meal with their son in the restaurant.

Unexpectedly, this meal brought a great life threat to children.

After meals did not finish, they received an emergency call from the hospital to inform them that the fasting blood glucose level was as high as 21mmol/L! Normal children's normal fasting blood glucose values ​​generally range between 3.89-6.11, and no more than 11.1 mmol/L after meals, but now the child is already more than three times the normal value and needs immediate hospitalization!

Xiao Nan's father and mother could not believe their ears at that time. Even doctors cautiously suggested finding a nearby hospital to confirm again. The family once again performed blood glucose measurements at the nearest hospital.

After a meal, the blood glucose level soared to 30 mmol/L! The doctors at this hospital found that the child had been mentally unsatisfactory, had dehydration symptoms, and immediately rehydrated the child. On the other side, Mom and Dad hurriedly contacted the ambulance and sent Xiao Nan to the Children's Hospital attached to the Capital Institute of Children's Studies.

In the evening, Xiao Nan was sent to the emergency room. After further examination by the doctor, Xiao Nan was diagnosed with diabetic ketoacidosis.

Diabetogenic ketoacidosis is due to insufficient insulin secretion. Blood glucose does not normally enter the body's cells for oxidative energy supply, and the ketone body produced by acetyl-CoA causes energy to accumulate a large amount of acidic substances in the body. , The balance of the internal environment is disturbed.

Ketoacidosis is one of the most serious and common complications of diabetes. It can manifest itself as a systemic, multisystem abnormality in the respiratory, digestive, and nervous systems. It is not easily identified in early stages. Severe diabetic ketosis Acidosis can be life-threatening.

Let Xiaonan's mother feel fortunate that the doctor's phone saved him. If Xiao Nan's coma at home will be disastrous.

Huang Shuyue, endocrinologist of the Affiliated Hospital of Children's Hospital of Capital Institute of Children's Studies. He told the uncle. This situation like Xiao Nan is very common in the endocrinology ward.

Most parents who lack awareness of diabetes in their children often do not think that they will develop diabetes when they are young. Children with diabetic ketoacidosis are often diverse and atypical, so they are generally It is when the child has an acute complication that he can go to the hospital to be discovered.

Diabetes in children are mostly type 1 diabetes, and the onset is mostly acute. When the child has the following types of conditions, parents must pay attention to them. For example, suddenly there is more urination, more drink, more food, drinking water and urine output up to a few liters a day, eating more but losing weight. Younger age may also cause bedwetting, which is one of the typical symptoms of diabetes. That is, people often say "more than three, one less" (more drink, more food, more urine, weight loss).

After being admitted to the hospital, Xiao Nan's blood glucose level dropped to normal. Reminiscent of a roller-coaster-like admission experience, Xiaonan’s mother regrets it.

"In fact, the child's body has already issued a warning, but I did not care. Now recall that the doctor said these symptoms, my child has."

Through more than ten days Adjustments, Xiaonan's blood sugar is basically stable, and mom and dad learned the diet calorie card from the doctor here, measuring blood sugar, playing insulin, and adjusting insulin dosage according to blood sugar.

Today is the day for Xiao Nan to do the glucose tolerance test. Type 1 diabetes in children is usually assessed by pancake tests to assess islet function, which is also a different place for adults.

This girl is not a gimmick bought on the street. It is the weight that is specially designed for the steamed bread experiment in the Institute's nutrition cafeteria. It is calculated based on the child's weight.

Xiao Nan, who had fasted from 8 pm the previous night, was eating slowly, but Dr Huang Tell him it must be 5 pointsAfter the meal is finished in the clock, it is hard to break the little guy. The whole process only allows you to drink a little water. Vegetables, eggs, milk and other foods are not allowed to eat. After the meal, blood sugar and blood should be measured at the prescribed time.

Eventually Xiao Nan was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes, which meant that he would face lifelong need for insulin injections, he could not eat freely with his companions, and had to undergo frequent blood glucose monitoring and complication monitoring. .

Xiao Nan's dad entered the state very quickly and began to actively study childhood diabetes Related knowledge, bought a lot of books, learned to manage children's daily life scientifically. He is ready for a long battle.

Diabetes in children has grown stronger in recent years. This is the neck of a fat man photographed by Uncle Jiao, who can see that he has a dark neck. Mom and Dad think this is the child does not speak about hygiene, muddy and dirty. In fact, this is a very typical black acanthotic sign and is a manifestation of hyperinsulinemia and insulin resistance in the body. At this time the child also needs to monitor blood glucose; if there is a family history of diabetes, without intervention may have the risk of diabetes.

In addition, if the child's urine appears more foamy and sticky. Also need to pay attention to whether there is urine sugar.

Doctors' advice

1. Dr. Huang tells Uncle Joke that type 1 diabetes is an autoimmune disease caused by the interaction of genetic and environmental factors, resulting in lymphocytes in the islets of Langerhans. The infiltration, destruction of β-cells, causing the absolute lack of insulin, is the main type of diabetes in children and adolescents. In recent years, the incidence rate in the world is increasing by 3.2%-5.3%.

2. China is the lowest incidence of children with type 1 diabetes in the world, which is about 0.57 per 100,000. However, China has a large population base, so the absolute population of diabetes is still very large.

3. Type 2 diabetes in children is also more and more common this year. It needs to pay special attention to many children with endocrine obesity. Many of these children have impaired fasting glucose or impaired glucose tolerance. State, this part of the child will develop type 2 diabetes if not interfered with.Very high. Therefore, children who are obese and have a family history of diabetes need to strictly monitor blood sugar, find abnormalities, and intervene early.