If there are these 4 characters in the food name, be careful when buying.

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If there are these 4 characters in the food name, be careful when buying.

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The variety of foods is often dazzling.

After a big meal, many people will also be guilty: Is this healthy? Is there a simple way to distinguish?

There are really. One of the tips for dietitians is to carefully select foods with the following four characters.

< Strong> Foods with "taste"

Papaya-Moon Mooncakes, Milky Cookies, Cherry Cola...

< p>Taking the word "taste" means that this kind of food may not have such a material, but it is only a flavor that is prepared with edible spices.

Taking the moon cake for example.

CCTV has reported last year that many fillings of fruit-flavored moon cakes are made with wax gourd.

Pictures Source: Weibo screenshots

Because melon melons are not only easier to preserve than fruits but also have a low price. Processing "camouflage" into the required fillings.

You can pay attention to the ingredients list of some fruit-flavored moon cakes. In front of the melon platoon, the corresponding fruit is not found. Instead, a variety of food flavors are used instead.

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Don't worry, this is not illegal.

Because according to the national standard "Mooncake" (GB/T 19855 - 2015), the amount of fruit and its products in the fillings ≥ 25% can be called fruit moon cakes.

But if it is a "fruity" mooncake, that means only the taste of the food, not the material. As long as the use of edible spices or pigments in accordance with the regulations is harmless to humans, it is also in compliance with relevant standards.

The reason why we say “prudence” is because we remind everyone not to expect that such moon cakes can truly ingest the nutrition of certain fruits.

Other foods with the word “taste” are the same.

Foods with "crispy"

Taking fruits and vegetables chips. Many people feel that they are not saying that they should eat more fruits and vegetables. That snacks will be replaced with fruits and vegetables. It will be convenient, tasty and healthy.

However, such fruit and vegetable chips (such as banana chips, brittle dates, shiitake mushrooms, okra) are often made by vacuum frying, although vacuum frying is superior to ordinary in terms of safety. Fried, but because of the oil, fat and calories rose.

Pictures Source: 123rf.com.cn Genuine Picture Gallery

Freeze-dried or dried fruit, typically only about 1% fat, But the fat content of fruit chips can be as high as 10% to 20%.

It's not just fruit and vegetable chips, crispy seaweed rolls, crispy intestines, crispy peanuts, crispy noodles... these foods are actually oily and delicious.

Eating too much fat will increase the risk of obesity. Do not eat too much if you have dyslipidemia or need to lose weight.

Foods with "crisp"

Fruit pineapples, walnut cakes, peanut cakes, and egg yolk cakes... Those foods with the word “crisp” are no stranger to us.

A variety of fruits, nuts, etc. contained in the word “crisp” may sound healthy, but in fact, like the “crispy” foods, they are often high in sugar, high in oil and high in calories. . Eating too much is unfavorable for the control of blood sugar, blood lipids, and weight, and it is also likely to increase the risk of cardiovascular disease.

Choose a pineapple cake product on the market and take a look at its ingredient list.

Pictures Source: Internet

According to 25 grams each, eating 2 small pieces is equivalent to eating 31.5 grams of carbohydrates (equivalent to a Large bananas), 9 grams of fat (about the same amount as half a gallon of fat), and nearly 218 kcal of calories (heat of a bowl of rice).

Is it scary?

"Liu" foods

Crabs, chicken fillets, pork fillets, beef fillets, etc. These foods may not be real food.

Crab Crab is a crab stick, which is generally not made from crab meat but is made by mimicking fish meat.

There have been reports that some unscrupulous merchants use duck to pose as "bull willow." If you find beef is very cheap and tasty, you must be vigilant.

Pig willow pancakes, which are commonly used for hamburger meat, are generally supplemented with fat and starch for better texture.

The chicken itself is a healthy choice, but if it is made of common fried chicken fillets on the street, it becomes a matter of nature.

On the one hand, it is wrapped in thick starch. On the other hand, after being fried, it will inhale a lot of oil. In addition to delicious food, this mouth continues to have high calories.

These are the tips of nutritionists.

It is not that the foods with these four words can't be eaten. It's that these foods are not really "healthy."

Of course, you can always use your mouth, but it is not recommended to eat or eat a lot.

Flavor and health can be taken into account, depending on how you balance the two.

What would you choose?

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