With ten bad habits of aunt towel, you have at least one! Sister cannot hurt...

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With ten bad habits of aunt towel, you have at least one! Sister cannot hurt...

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What is the most painful summer?

Is hot?

For girls,

It's not as easy as it is hot

I don't know how many little fairies and Xiao Bian have encountered the same situation: In the summer, the big aunt, and obviously too hot to die, did not dare to open the air conditioner, because the cold wind, the lower abdomen will only hurt; p>

The heat is about to melt, watching friends happy eating ice cream and drinking cold drinks, but because the aunt visits have to drink warm water, people want to fall in a pool of blood can not afford to sleep.

The more embarrassing thing is that as the weather gets hotter, fewer clothes are worn and the body's aunt is heavier And it seems that the private sector is also more likely to express a variety of odors, abnormal vaginal discharge, bacterial infections and so on. These are actually inseparable from some of the bad habits you use when using your mother's towel. And almost 90% of people will have one of the following bad habits:

Bad habits affect your private health


Do not change aunt towel for a long time

After a half-day change of aunt towel, it will become a carnival paradise for bacteria. When you come to your mother's mother, the private part is already hot and humid. If you do not change your mother's towel for a long period of time, it will be partially airtight and dull for a long time.

In addition to the aunt's blessing - warm, moist and nutritious, it is simply a breeding ground for bacteria, and accidentally the mother-in-law towel will become a "bacterial bomb." A large amount of bacteria may be retrograde upwards, resulting in vaginitis, cervicitis, pelvic inflammatory disease, endometritis and so on.

Recommendations: Change a piece of sanitary napkin every 2 to 3 hours. Replace the pad with a lesser amount of days on the last day.


Do not wash your hands before changing your mom's towel

The easiest gunshot error: Do not wash your hands before changing your mom's towel. Everyone knows that you need to wash your hands after you finish the toilet, but how many sisters will wash your hands before changing your mother's towel? (Can't help falling into contemplation...)

We must know that during the entire process of unpacking and replacing, our hands will inevitably encounter the positive side of the mother's towel, which coincides with the decline of the resistance of the menstrual period.

Recommendations: Be careful to get a boat for ages. If possible, wash your hands before changing the napkin.


Mama towels in the bathroom p>

The towel is kept in the toilet and is easily invaded by bacteria. Some women bought sanitary napkins for storage and storage in the lockers of the bathroom. Compared with other rooms in the house, the restrooms are the wettest, and some family bathrooms are not even seen all day long. As everyone knows, bacteria are more likely to invade after the sanitary napkin is wet.

Recommendations: To buy small packages of sanitary napkins, unpacked sanitary napkins should be placed in a dry, clean place, and should not be used after getting wet.


Love to buy white sanitary napkins

The cleaner the whiter aunt towel is? Be careful of fluorescent agents! Some women prefer white sanitary napkins. The more white they feel, the healthier they may be, and the healthier they are. In fact, the opposite may be true. Over-white sanitary napkins may have fluorescent agents and whitening agents added, and long-term use may be harmful to health.

Recommendations: Try to choose large brands of sanitary napkins. Do not use a certain brand for a fixed period of time (unless you know it is very safe and reliable). Different brands are often replaced to reduce hygiene. Towels may contain harmful substances that accumulate in the body.


Cotton or mesh?

There are mainly two kinds of napkins on the market, one is cotton, and the other is mesh. Most of the cotton surface is made of pure cotton material as the main material, relatively soft, non-irritating, but the absorption is small.

The dry mesh material, the essence is actually in the polyethylene film (commonA lot of small holes are punched on the plastic raw materials, absorbing fast and dry, but due to the material and design reasons, it is easy to rub the groin. Many skin-sensitive sisters will feel itchy and painful, and serious ones will also be allergic.

Recommendations: Do not superstition which one is better, or choose the one that suits you. It is generally recommended that the skin be sensitive, the normal menstrual flow of the sister choose cotton face sanitary napkins, a large number of sisters can choose mesh sanitary napkins.


Like using a sanitary pad

An aunt towel with medication and fragrance may make it easier for you to itch. Many medicine sanitary napkins on the market today can be said to have antibacterial, antibacterial and antipruritic effects, relieve dysmenorrhea, relieve discomfort, and balance vaginal pH. The doctor said that if women really suffer from gynecological diseases, these sanitary napkins will definitely not be able to play a therapeutic role, and women who have no disease will not be able to prevent the occurrence of diseases.

Some sanitary napkins may destroy the acid-base balance of the private parts, cause dysbacteriosis, reduce the self-immunity and cleansing of the private parts, and are more susceptible to bacterial infestation. For sensitive constitutional women, drug sanitary napkins should be used with caution, as they may cause skin allergies and symptoms such as pruritus in the private parts.

Recommendations: Choose the colorless, odorless sanitary napkins of the big brands, especially the skin-sensitive sisters, to use pharmaceutic sanitary napkins with caution. Skin-sensitive people are advised to use soft, comfortable cotton napkins that are less irritating to the skin.


A lot of tummy towels at home

Of too many aunts are bad and easy to expire. Some women like to purchase a large number of shopping mall promotions, hoarding at home and slowly use. In fact, sanitary napkins, like foods, also have a period of use. The closer to the date of production, the better the quality of sanitary napkins. Because the use of high-temperature sterilization method to achieve sterility, the validity of a one-time sterilization is limited, there is no aseptic protection beyond the deadline.

Therefore, when using sanitary napkins, be sure to pay attention to the expiration date.Do not buy too much time, use with the purchase, not the family for a long time. In particular, the weather in the south is soggy that it cannot be used at once, and it is prone to mildew and contamination.

Recommendations: When you buy a sanitary napkin, you must check the expiration date and buy it with your purchase. In general, women can use two or three menstrual cycles for home use.


Plastic pads

Some women feel that the leucorrhea is not clean and love sanitary pads when there is no menstruation. Women's vulva needs a breathable, dry and clean environment to stay healthy. No matter how the pads promote their high air permeability and comfort, the bottom layer will have a layer of plastic film that is airtight.

Long-term use will increase the humidity and temperature of the vulva, creating conditions for the growth of bacteria and fungi, destroying the pH of the vagina and easily inducing vaginitis. Especially in the rainy season in the summer or in the south, this situation will become more apparent.

Recommendations: Sanitary pads can occasionally be used several times, but do not use them every day. If you use a sanitary pad, be sure to change it often and keep it dry.


Like large absorbance sanitary napkins

Using high absorption sanitary napkins has such benefits when inconvenient Frequent changes in sanitary napkins do not cause side leakage problems due to excessive blood volume. Therefore, large absorption sanitary napkins are very popular.

Persons are inert, and some women will be “slacked” for a long time without replacing the sanitary napkins if they use a large-absorbent sanitary napkin. This can cause poor local ventilation and lead to bacterial proliferation, thus inducing Gynecological diseases.

Recommendations: Even if you prefer sanitary napkins that absorb large amounts of water, don't forget to change them in about two hours.


Visit a small shop for sanitary napkins

Men's suddenly come but there is no preparation, some womenWill kill the small shop to buy sanitary napkins urgently. But now there are many counterfeit sanitary napkins. Most of these high-imitation products are processed with scraps. The disinfection is not sufficient, the quality is not enough, and even insects are found in sanitary napkins. The main sales terminal of these high imitation products is a small shop.

Recommendations: Choose napkins and supermarkets as often as you can, and cultivate the habit of keeping a piece of sanitary napkin in your bag. Avoid sudden menstruation and help your sisters. We urgently.

If you have at least one such bad habit, change it for your private health. Don't forget to let your girlfriends have such bad habits.

Better for yourself, choose safe and comfortable sanitary napkins

A variety of sanitary napkins on the market today are really too much. With various brand names and various classifications, it is difficult to distinguish which one is suitable for you, not to mention many sanitary napkins may contain fluorescent agents. Cotton and other harmful substances and other things, so we chose six common market sanitary napkin brand tested, these brands are Su Fei, Yi Li, ABC, Jie Ting, Le Ya, Shu Shan.

In appearance,

Yeolixin's sense of muscle The best packaging quality, take the small fresh line, ordinary opening design, high dust resistance, good tear, tasteless.

From the length and thickness

Thinner thickness It can give us a natural and comfortable feeling, so the thickness is also an important parameter when we choose ultra-thin daily sanitary napkins. In daily life, the length and middle thickness of daily sanitary napkins are the most important. Through comprehensive measurements, Yili's thickness is minimal.

Material Texture

Evaluation Method: We cut six brands of sanitary napkins to peel off the top surface material. Then, each of them was kneaded by hand, and the softness of the cotton soft surface/web surface was detected by tactile sense.

Yili's soft feeling is the strongest, and it feels very comfortable. The most amazing thing is that it is the only cotton and soft surface compounded with dryness. Layers, such products have both the soft touch of cotton, but also has the characteristics of a dry mesh surface, and it's cotton soft surface layer after the friction does not lint, I believe we can bring the comfort of the young's private skin Feelings.


Using a professional fluorescent UV device, the underside of the absorbent layer of the 6 sanitary napkins was exposed. Under the professional instrument test, the color is purple blue and it contains fluorescent agent. The brighter the color, the greater the amount!

Tests found that the "Yili" surface layer, absorbent layer, and bottom layer do not contain fluorescent whitening agents. One of the safe sanitary napkins.


The pH of healthy women's private parts should be between 4-5, and if the product is used longer than the private part's PH value In private places, it will undermine the healthy weak acid environment of private parts, causing genital dryness, itching and even gynecological inflammation.

Evaluation results: except that the sanitary napkins of Sophie and ABC are alkaline The rest are very consistent, skin-friendly without stimulation.

Do you know the above?

Especially in the summer, sisters pay attention!

Also, besides paying attention to the

parts of the sanitary napkins, remember to breathe better trousers.