This kind of grass in the countryside, natural antibiotics, detoxification, these 5 things together to soak in water, the effect will be better

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This kind of grass in the countryside, natural antibiotics, detoxification, these 5 things together to soak in water, the effect will be better

2018-06-08 00:25:48 243 ℃

Dandelion is a favorite wild vegetable!

And as a "drug-food dual-use" dandelion, not only delicious, there are many health benefits!

With the rise of herbal heat, more and more people are learning about the benefits of dandelion and drinking it with dandelion soaked in water!

DandelionIn the liver and stomach meridian, hepatoprotective, good at clearing liver, gastroenteritis , cure stomach pain.

Dandelion is known as "natural antibiotics" and can be inflammable and anti-inflammatory. It is good for improving the severity of inflammation and inflammation of the throat. Effect!

The dandelion is known as "wetting bedweed", and has a good effect of diuresis and phlegm for improving urinary tract infection, urethritis, etc. Have a good effect!

Dandelion is known as "Detox", has a good detoxification effect, can help the body <祛> damp heat, discharge toxins, to promote good health .

But do you know?

Although the dandelion has many advantages, the dandelion is good at compatibility, with other flowers, soaked in water to drink, double the health effect!

Dandelion soaked in water, if you can join these five things, the effect may be better!

1, Dandelion + Rose

Pick up dandelions, roses, make dandelion according to 3:1 ratio Rose tea bag, take a packet each time, hot water brewing on behalf of the tea, you can!

The dandelion is slightly cold, with a mild rose that can neutralize coldness, is suitable for more people to drink, and also suitable for long-term drinking!

In addition, the roses can also dissolve the liver, nourish the heart, and keep the stomach warm.Double health benefits!

2, Dandelion+Glycyrrhiza

Dandelion Leaf , licorice, in accordance with the ratio of 1:1, boiling water, on behalf of the tea!

Licorice Spleen Qi, heat detoxification, reconcile the various drugs.

Dandelion with licorice soaked in water to protect the stomach and stomach, relieve stomach pain, the effect is better!

3. Dandelion+red dates

Use dandelion root 2g, jujube 3-4 tablets, and soak in water.

Dandelion bubble jujube not only protects the liver, but also improves liver detoxification.

And, if there is a spot on the face, dandelion soaked in red dates, there is a good help, can help the body detox!

4. Dandelion + barley seedlings

Follow dandelion leaves, barley seedlings, milled to a ratio of 1:2, made into dandelion Barley green juice, hot water brewed into tea every time!

Dandelion, rich in vitamins A and C and minerals, has an improved effect on indigestion and constipation.

Barley seedlings, rich in dietary fiber, can soften fecal matter, stimulate intestinal walls, speed up intestinal peristalsis, and protect intestinal health.

These two are combined to double the effect of laxative and bowel protection!

5, Dandelion + germanium

take dandelion 2g, add wolfberry 2g, hot water brewing generation of tea can be.

Scorpions are called "wisdom fruits." Together with dandelion not only improves brain memory but also improves learning ability.

Digging dandelions in the summer, using your own hands, and frying them to make tea, all year round.

In the summer, dandelions have grown and they have a bitter taste. Older, at this time, it is more suitable to make it dry tea, drink it with water, have a good health effect!

Teach you to fry dandelion tea

1. Select the dandelion leaves and rods separately and use them.

2. Select dandelion leaves and rods.

3. After the dandelion leaf has been sprayed with 2 water, sprinkle with salt for 3 minutes.


5. Cut the section

6. The wok is hot and the dandelion leaves wok Fire fried.

7. After frying the water, pour off excess water and transfer to medium heat.

8. When the dandelion water is low, turn a small fire. Grab your hands and feel the moisture, temperature, and heat of the tea. The frying method is the same as frying tea.

9. Fry dry into tea.

10. Drink with hot water! (The dandelion rhizome can also be fried into tea!)

Method two: Pick a dandelion flower ball, that is white can be blown away, this is the seed of dandelion, sowing it directly into the flower pot, you can!

The dandelion is a treasure, its vitality is tenacious, and it is planted in pots. Fresh dandelions can be eaten throughout the year. It can improve some minor problems in the body. Try it!


Dandelion Butter Well, cut can't drink too much at once, otherwise it may cause abdominal pain, diarrhea and other symptoms.

In addition, after a small number of people drink dandelion water, they will experience pruritus and other allergies and must stop drinking immediately!

And, hypotension,not soaked with dandelion roots!

Cold flu, but also not drinking dandelion, otherwise it will aggravate the condition!