Rubbing the inside of the thigh once a day, two weeks later, a miracle appeared! Countless people benefit

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Rubbing the inside of the thigh once a day, two weeks later, a miracle appeared! Countless people benefit

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Modern people's life is under great pressure. Although they pay attention to maintenance, they still have a lot of bad colors. With the increase of age, many middle-aged and old-aged friends will also encounter the following problem of this friend:

< P> often pale complexion, look guilty, his face always feel like a layer of thin yellowish; and in talking, the voice is still hoarse.

"I know that I must release my heart, but every day I feel nothing to be happy. I feel unpleasant at the blink of an eye. I am always sullen and gasping. It's not fun."

After listening to her, this is obviously a clogging of the liver and hepatic insufficiency. Later, on the advice of a friend of traditional Chinese medicine, she tried to press hard in the middle of her leg every day. After two weeks, her mood was much better and her face was brighter. The whole person was in spirit.

While rubbing the inner thighs every day, how amazing is it?

A lot of people will be very strange. Why is this? In fact, you will surely realize that!

Actually, the inner side of our thighs is the path of the liver. Rubbing the inside of the thigh every day is to massage the liver. The liver meridians are associated with the gallbladder and are directly associated with the lungs, kidneys, stomach, and brain. This is of great significance.

The liver starts from Dadung of the big toe, which is the end point of the gallbladder, and then goes up along the instep. Then it enters the perineum of the human body from the inner side of the lower leg, and it goes around the genitals for one week and enters the lower abdomen. , and then from the stomach up, through the nasopharynx, reached the top of the Baihui, directly intersect with the Governor.

Of course, the liver has branches in the eyes and it will descend to the mouth and end in the mouth. The meridians did not have many acupoints, and 28 left and right sides were added together.

Chinese medicine practitioners believe that "there is no pain, and the general principle is not painful." The friend's question above only regulates the liver, and this is the treatment of the disease. Every day the liver is pressed, it will be able to dredge the liver, and successfully clear the blood of the liver (with the open through the gall bladder, full blood for the whole year).

The inner thighs are rubbed daily and the liver is scratched.

Scrape the liver every day, Disease-free and light!

The Yellow Emperor's Internal Classic"The liver is called the "general of the human body." The general's task is to lead the "army" and resist toxins accumulated in the body and continuously invaded in vitro.

If there is an abnormality in the liver, the body will present various symptoms of discomfort, such as poor face, dry throat, nausea, diarrhea, sore throat, low back pain, and third finger pain in the foot. , anxiety, lack of determination and so on. Solving this series of problems seems to be more laborious. In fact, it only takes a lot of effort - scraping the liver every day.


Sweeping Liver, Regulating Qi, Preventing Cardiovascular and Cerebrovascular Disease

Plaps the Liver, Helps to Prevent Cardiovascular and Cerebrovascular Diseases , usually from the bottom up and beat the inner thigh.


Nourishing Liver is to improve the eye

Xia Chengzhi, deputy chief physician of ophthalmology at the Hospital of Integrated Traditional Chinese and Western Medicine of Nanjing ” Nourishing the liver is a good thing. Scrape the liver every day, not only to raise liver, but also to raise the eye.


Elimination of irritability in the liver

Liver irritability causes thirsty desires, yellow urination, fever, red tongue yellow coating, pulse string number, etc. Symptoms, some people will also be accompanied by irritability, dry eyes. The scraping of the liver can eliminate the fire in the liver.


Changing blood and keeping fit

Scrape the liver In addition to diarrhea, it can also open up the liver and make this meridian blood flow. The blood circulation of the liver is smooth, and the catharsis function of “the main blood of the liver” will be strong. The tendons in the body will be more flexible. How can the human body be unhealthy and not strong?


Prevention of suffocation and abdominal pain

There is a disease called suffocation, which can be improved to some extent by conditioning the liver. This is because the liver is the only meridian that crosses the genitals in the twelve meridians.

When men are not available here, they will show belching, while women will have abdominal pain. Women often say that stomach pain is the reason.

Swallowing the liver through the magic, one second to learn!

The method of scraping the liver is very simple. Follow the following sentence to massage the entire liver:

Method: Push the palm roots from the thighs To the knee.

In addition, you can also make a fist, Push down with the second joint of the four fingers. Push 300 times at a time. If you feel that pain can not stand, or fear of scratching the skin, you can also apply some soap or other grease with a lubricating effect.

Of course, a more useful method is to use a rolling pin to scratch the liver. Every day I use the rolling pin to rub the inner thighs. It's so easy to use!


Prepare a rolling pin about 40 cm, and then naturally lie back on the bed with the two legs slightly raised so that the two feet's feet are opposite. Then the inside of the thigh Naturally placed on the front.


With a rolling pin, start tapping from the base of the thigh and tapping to the knee joint. Strength must be increased from small to large and gradually increased. However, the forces must be controlled within the limits that they can afford.

Tip: Normally, a beat and pressure will be performed once a night. After the thighs are pressed, moderate pressure can be applied to both sides of the lower abdomen, which will also help to clear the liver.

Only the force of this part should not be too large. The abdomen can not be beaten, but you can use the two ends of the rolling pin to click, the intensity should be from light to heavy, and gradually increase, control in their own range, so as not to hurt the internal organs.

After rubbing the inside of the thigh every day, two weeks later, the mood was much better and his face was brighter. The whole person was in spirit.

Kneading the inside of the thighs is a way of scraping the liver, scraping the liver every day, and no disease. This good method must be sent to the people around you. Now use it!