Eating a watermelon died in the night, just because he didn't pay attention! And these taboos you may have overlooked

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Eating a watermelon died in the night, just because he didn't pay attention! And these taboos you may have overlooked

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Sweet summer,

Everyone loves to eat fresh and thirsty watermelon.

Watermelon is rich in nutrients, and Chinese medicine believes that

watermelon is cold and sweet,

It has the effects of clearing heat, removing heat and urinating, /p>

It is the best fruit in summer.

But you know?

Some people cannot eat watermelon!

Watermelon is not what you eat!

Incorrect eating can cause great risks to people,

It can even endanger life!

In recent days, an old man from Changzhou, Jiangsu Province, has eaten a few After the watermelon, there was an acute complication of "ketoacidosis",

and eventually passed away!

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It is understood that this old man usually eats greasy food And fruit, suffering from diabetes. When the summer arrived, when the weather was just hotter, the old man had eaten many watermelons in the evening. As a result, there was a problem with the gastrointestinal tract that night, and nausea and vomiting even caused abdominal pain.

The next morning, the family suddenly discovered that the old man had passed away quietly. The doctor analyzed that the elderly were caused by the strong ketoacidosis caused by eating watermelon.Ng> and lead to death. According to doctors, ketoacidosis is an acute complication of diabetes, and the onset is acute and rapid. Failure to intervene in time can lead to multiple organ failure and life-threatening.

In addition to taking medications on time, especially for diabetics, they should "control" their own mouths, control The amount of edible fruit,If blood sugar is too high, you need to temporarily stop eating fruit.

Besides diabetes patients should not eat watermelon, Xiaobian reminds that eating watermelon in the summer has the following 5 major Taboo, we must pay attention!

First, do not eat too much, otherwise it will hurt your stomach and cause pharyngitis p>

Watermelon is a cold product, eat more easily hurt the spleen and stomach, therefore, the spleen and stomach Deficiency, indigestion, fecal evacuation are advised to eat less, more food will be bloating, diarrhea, loss of appetite, but also the cold Helps wet and causes disease. If you eat too much watermelon at a time, a lot of moisture in the watermelon will dilute the gastric juice, causing indigestion and decreased gastrointestinal resistance.

2. Don't eat long-opened watermelons< /p>

The summer temperatures are high, and watermelons are susceptible to spoilage and germs for too long. Eating them can easily lead to intestinal infectious diseases. When buying a watermelon, it is best not to buy a ready-made half-cut watermelon, and try to eat it within 2 hours after buying it.

3. Do not use fresh-keeping film on refrigerated watermelons.

Many people think that putting watermelon in The refrigerator, wrapped in plastic wrap, should be "very hygienic," but otherwise, the watermelon covered with cling film will grow more bacteria.

ThisIt is because there are bacteria and microorganisms on the surface of the watermelon before the cling film is wrapped, and the existence of cling film will affect the permeability and permeability of the watermelon. In this environment, the proliferation of microorganisms or bacteria will accelerate and the watermelon will deteriorate. Therefore, the best watermelon is to eat now, If you must refrigerate the watermelon, it is best to use crisper.

Four patients with renal insufficiency should not eat watermelon

A large number of watermelons are eaten in a short period of time, which easily increases the body's water content and exceeds the body's physiological capacity. The renal insufficiency, the kidney's ability to regulate the water greatly reduced, too much water into the body, can not be adjusted and excreted, resulting in a sharp increase in blood volume, easy to die due to acute heart failure.

V. Oral ulcers do not eat watermelon

According to Chinese medicine, the main cause of oral ulcers is internal heat of yin deficiency, disturbance of virtual fire, and burning of blood and veins. Watermelon has a diuretic effect. If the oral ulcers eat more watermelon, normal water needed by the body will be discharged through the diuretic effect of watermelon, which will aggravate the state of emptiness. Yin deficiency is internal heat and prosperous, aggravate oral ulcers.

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