Where did the sperm go after the ligation? What is the impact on sexual life? Know that it is good for men and women

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Where did the sperm go after the ligation? What is the impact on sexual life? Know that it is good for men and women

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Nowadays, the cost of a married life It is quite high. Contraceptive pills and condoms don’t look like they’ve spent a lot of money, but they’ve accumulated more and more. How many times have you been in your life and you have no points in your heart?

If another contraceptive fails, it would be even more tragic.

So, is there a contraceptive method that is once and for all? So, Ligation, find out!

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There are two types of ligation: woman ligation and men's ligation.

However, most people believe that the ligation should be done by women, and that men who have had ligation will affect sexual function.

You are afraid of misunderstanding about men's ligation! In fact, the trauma and risk of a woman's ligation surgery is much greater than that of a man.

Here, Xiao Bian came to talk with everyone about the men's ligation.

When you see the words "ligation," is your relationship tight? That is the lifeblood, how can you say it?

Don't panic - this ligation isn't where the needle is. It's actually the vas deferens.

喏This is the place to tie,

It's like you want to go out and play, but someone gives you a lock on the front door of your home. When law goes out, you can only stay at home.

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Couple life, what is the picture?

The picture is the feeling that the last moment “biu” came out. Can this ligation be used to block the sperm pipeline, and later you can “biu” happily?

This question is probably the vast majority of men The most worried, afraid of this tie, the ability to get rid of.

You think again!

Up to now, there is no evidence that the ligation will have a negative impact on male erectile function, marital life satisfaction, and so on.

After the end of the tie, we can finally get rid of it Sets of shackles

After many men finished, they couldn’t wait to thinkTo come a zero distance contact.

It is slow and slow, and you can't eat hot bean curd if you are impatient.


So, there is a risk of ligation, and ligation should be careful!

If the husband and wife don’t plan to have children anymore, ligation can be considered a good contraceptive method.

But if you're not sure about the day when you want a baby again, it's better to be honest about contraception.

Sperm eggs have been read, is it still a bad object?

Careful, wishful thinking

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