I and my family are determined not to use traditional Chinese medicine injection preparations.

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I and my family are determined not to use traditional Chinese medicine injection preparations.

2018-08-05 00:25:21 138 ℃

I is a doctor, and my family and I are resolutely not using traditional Chinese medicine injections. In the usual exchanges with relatives and friends, this is also told.

Speak a few things that I experienced personally.

In the first half of 1996, I went to the Southwest Hospital of Chongqing Third Military Medical University. One night, several of our classmates went to the urology department of Southwest Hospital to see the doctor on duty at the same day, Nie Dafu (who was a colleague from the same unit who came to Sanyi University). Going to the urology department, a nurse in the department was taking an injection for a cold, and he was taking Shuanghuanglian injection, and his face was pale. I thought, this needle can't be beaten. A year ago, in a clinic on the west road of our unit 187 Hospital, the clinic doctor gave the patient intravenous drip of Qingkailing injection, and the patient died of anaphylactic shock. At the time, there were frequent cases in the newspapers to clear the Kailing injection, Shuanghuanglian injection anaphylactic shock rescue and death cases. I thought: This Chinese medicine injection is not pure and can't be beaten. Since then, I have set a rule for myself: I and my family will not use traditional Chinese medicine intravenous injection.

After the summer of the second year, a leader of our unit suffered from severe anaphylactic shock due to a cold hit Shuanghuanglian injection. At that time, the leader was infusion in the infusion room of the emergency department of the hospital. After full rescue, he was finally rescued and saved his life. But the process was quite thrilling. The patient was in a coma for a day. When he was rescued, he came to several major hospital emergency experts, but the result was lucky.

A friend was hospitalized in a large hospital in Beijing seven years ago. I told the doctor of the tube bed that the patient did not need traditional Chinese medicine injection, and the tube bed doctor also promised it. But after two days, the doctor gave the patient an intravenous injection of a traditional Chinese medicine injection (the specific name of the drug was forgotten). The nurse has been deployed and hung up the infusion stand. We have been in the relationship to live in this large hospital. Since the medicines are all well-equipped, we have not said anything. First, I was afraid of offending the doctor. Second, I was lucky at the time. I thought that there would be nothing wrong with it. Less than five minutes after the patient received the Chinese medicine injection, the patient developed chills, cold, and trembling. Report the doctor and nurse in a hurry and stop using the drug immediately. About ten minutes after the drug was stopped, the symptoms stopped. The patient was only observed at the time and did not implement rescue measures. Later, the doctor removed the Chinese medicine injection from the doctor's advice.

Five years ago, my father-in-law was admitted to the dermatology department of a large hospital of my wife's unit because of skin eczema. We talked to the female doctor of the bed, we don't need traditional Chinese medicine injections. But later, the female doctor of the tube bed still used a traditional Chinese medicine injection. My father-in-law had acute liver damage, liver ascites, and jaundice, and hurriedly transferred to the cadre ward of the hospital to protect the liver and protect the liver. We purchased more than a dozen bottles of albumin at our own expense. My father-in-law was hospitalized for nearly a month, and the liver function slowly recovered. This incident also made us have a hard time, because my wife worked in the hospital, and her department and dermatology went up and down the stairs, and looked up and saw no bow. After that, it was only the case that the situation was reflected to the director of the dermatology department. If it is for another hospital, we will definitely give advice on medical damage and have a statement. This female doctor, I still think of her appearance so far, I think she is ugly.

In the first two days, the Beijing Armed Police General Hospital issued a notice to each department to restrict the use or purchase of 16 kinds of injections, most of which were traditional Chinese medicine injections.

The traditional Chinese medicine injection preparation is a unique pharmaceutical dosage form in China, and the number of reported adverse drug events is significantly higher than other pharmaceutical dosage forms. The medical industry, patients, and the general public have paid close attention to the safety of traditional Chinese medicine injections, which has become a hot topic in recent years. On July 19, the State Food and Drug Administration official website hanged the announcement, Xuesaitong injection, Xueshuantong injection was required to modify the product manual, emphasizing the child's ban. According to industry statistics, the two Chinese medicine injection star varieties, 2017 city hospital sales data is as high as more than 12 billion yuan.

The ingredients of traditional Chinese medicine injections are complex components, not as single and clear as chemical drugs. The clinical use of traditional Chinese medicine injections is also not standardized, and the unreasonable compatibility of Chinese and Western medicines, etc. It is aggravating the safety risk of traditional Chinese medicine injections, and it is difficult to judge its clinical efficacy.

The use of traditional Chinese medicine injections, from several varieties in the early 1990s (such as Qingkailing injection, Shuanghuanglian injection), to the peak of more than 400 varieties in previous years, now According to industry statistics, it has dropped to more than 200 varieties, which are quite extensive in clinical use. As I myself, I am preventing the use of traditional Chinese medicine injections, but I can't prevent them. As mentioned above, one of my relatives and a friend was told to use the Chinese medicine injection without any reaction or damage. Some doctors are not only accustomed to using these traditional Chinese medicine injections, but there may be interests behind them.

It is gratifying that the State Food and Drug Administration has begun to pay attention to the safety re-evaluation of traditional Chinese medicine injections. As everyone in the individual, the right to life is only once, and medication should be cautious. Some countries do not use traditional Chinese medicine injections, and their clinical treatment levels are still very high.

I don't need Chinese medicine injections, my family doesn't need it. Write it here for your reference!