The girl was bitten by a snake and held the snake in her hand to see the emergency. She was taken away from the hospital and released! The doctor said: Do it right!

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The girl was bitten by a snake and held the snake in her hand to see the emergency. She was taken away from the hospital and released! The doctor said: Do it right!

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Summer is an active period of viper activity. Plants are flourishing and there are many places where "snakes are infested." Every year, many people are hospitalized because they are bitten by poisonous snakes, and some even lose their lives because they are not treated in time.

About snake bites, we have recently seen a lot of news: some people are bitten by poisonous snakes while traveling outdoors; some people are bitten by snakes when they visit the vegetable garden; some people bite their own pits Self - The online purchase of the snake bites itself; but have you seen a snake bite and grabbed the snake with your hand?

Recently, Zhejiang 23 aged girl was bitten by a snake and looked at the snake with her hand The emergency department scared the medical staff and patients on the scene and stunned a group of netizens. Fortunately, the snake was identified as a non-toxic red chain snake.

The girl said that when she was walking, the phone fell into the grass. When she went to the cockroach, her index finger was bitten by the snake. The snake climbed into her hand and she caught it. . Because I don't know if the snake is poisonous, I take the snake to the hospital. If it is a poisonous snake, I can use the targeted anti-venom serum after identification. Because the snake is non-toxic, the wound is not deep, there is no redness and swelling, only a small amount of bleeding, after the hospital disinfection, hit a tetanus needle, and stayed in the hospital for more than an hour, no dizziness, chest tightness, difficulty breathing, hemolysis, wounds The poisoning signs such as swelling, then the girl left the hospital. Throughout the process, from filling the medical records to disinfection, injections, and hospital observations, she kept holding the snake throughout the visit, and finally left with a snake, saying that she would release.

For the natural fear of snake-like cold-blooded animals, think about the scalp numbness Said: Sisters, really fierce! It is estimated that after the incident, the snake will also say: biting a person who can't afford it, now it is regret, very regretful.

Although the girl’s approach is very horrifying, there are many desirable places. Immediately after being bitten by a snake, seek medical attention. Second, remember the appearance of the snake. It is convenient to describe it to the medical staff to confirm the snake's variety, to determine whether it is toxic, or what kind of serum to play. But if you are not as fierce as the girl in the story, don't try to catch the snake by hand; third, the snake is very calm, not flustered.

There are currently about 2200 species of snakes in the world, which are harmful to humans.195 species, among which the most harmful are python, cobra, king cobra, five-step snake, golden ring snake, silver ring snake and bamboo green snake. Snake bites are common diseases in rural and mountainous areas of China, and snake bites are one of the important emergency cases. The snake bite has an acute onset and a short course of disease. If it is not treated in time, it may cause serious complications or even death. Therefore, rapid, accurate and effective first-aid treatment is an important part of the treatment of snake bites.

How to be properly rescued by a snake bite?

Don't know if the bitten snake is poisonous.


Do not panic after biting by poisonous snakes, avoid accelerating toxins Absorption and diffusion, lowering the wound and making the wound lower than the heart.


If the limbs are bitten, use belts and shoes immediately. Belts, handkerchiefs, cloth strips, towels or ropes, etc., are bundled at the proximal end of the limb in the limbs, and are tight to block the lymphatic and venous return. Relax every 20 minutes1~2 minutes until the wound is finished and After taking the snake medicine30, you can lift it.

3.Flush wounds

Use salt water, soapy water, 1:5000Calcium permanganate solution, 3% hydrogen peroxide and other irrigation wounds. If not, rinse with plenty of water.

4.Incision of wound detoxification

Centered on the tooth marks, using a sharp tool The wound is cut into "ten", not deeper than the subcutaneous tissue, and it is appropriate to have lymphatic outflow. If you bite your hands and feet, use a thick needle to acupuncture the detox between the fingers and the toes.

5.Sucking venom

Use a cupping cup, a breast pump, etc. to absorb the venom in the bite. In case of emergency, you can use the mouth to take drugs, but the sucker should have no damage in the mouth, no caries, ulcers, etc., and should be spit out as soon as possible after sucking, and clean the mouth. But it is best not to try to use the mouth to take poison.

6.Cold pack

If conditions permit, apply ice cubes around the wound and Near the heart, shrinking blood vessels and lymphatic vessels, delaying the absorption of snake venom.

7.Snake Medicine

On the near heart of the wound Apply a ring of snake medicine to the skin at 2cm, but do not apply a wound.

8.Get medical treatment as soon as possible

Take an emergency call immediately and send it quickly Conditional hospital treatment.

Attention! After being bitten by a snake, 3 must not be done!

1. Once you are bitten by a snake, don't run nervously.

2.Excitable drinks such as non-drinking wine, strong tea, and coffee.

3. Do not think that the blood of the wound can be squeezed out by hand. In fact, the venom that goes deep into the flesh can not only be squeezed out, but will spread faster because of the squeeze.

And, don’t hold up the umbrella and make it (o⊙< /font>)Oh!

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