After the age of 50, you can do these 4 simple actions, indicating that you are superb and long-lived!

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After the age of 50, you can do these 4 simple actions, indicating that you are superb and long-lived!

2018-08-05 10:25:20 376 ℃

A person's life can be divided into four periods: before the age of 35, it is a healthy period; between 35-45 years old, is the period of disease formation; between 45-55 years old, is a high-risk period of life, a lot of hidden The disease will explode one by one at this stage; after the age of 55, the safety is expired. Therefore, after the age of 50, it is a hurdle in life. If you can spend it safely, then it is very likely to live longer! Learn with 51 Health Network Xiaobian.

After 50 years old, you can do these 4 simple actions, indicating that you are superb and long-lived!

1, 6 kg weight per hand

After 50 years old, if you have two hands, each one can A heavy weight of 6 pounds means your body is super!

Because it is not only the biceps but also the important muscle groups such as shoulders, back, chest and knees.

2,8 seconds does not fall

The time is not invented by Japanese scientists to test the degree of aging in humans.

Tighten your hands, level with your shoulders, stand on one foot, and test how long you can stay.

If you can do 8 seconds without falling down, it is enough to show that your body's aging speed is very slow and your body is super!

3, one step and two steps

When you climb the stairs, if you can take two steps Steps, and quickly climbed 3-4 floors, there is no very serious asthma.

Thank you, your heart and lungs, physical strength and leg strength are very healthy and long-lived!

4, after kicking the hips

Tighten the body, use one hand to lift the foot on the same side to see if you can kick the hips. If you feel very difficult to do it, it means that your body's flexibility and strength are not enough.

After 50 years old, you can do the above actions, indicating that you have long-lived physique, but if you don't pay attention to maintenance every day, your body will get rid of sooner or later!

So, after 50 years old, how should I maintain it to be healthier and longer?

1, sick and not resistant

After 50 years old, some diseases should be taken seriously, especially long-term headaches, stomachaches, Body numbness, etc., may be signs of some serious illness, blindly ignore, eat some medicine, and easily become a serious illness.

To achieve early detection, early diagnosis, early treatment, anti-micro-duration, timely conditioning treatment.

2, playing in the game

After the age of 50, although the organ and body state are aging, don’t forget the sport. . Life is in sports, middle-aged and old friends should not be lazy, and often do a sport that suits you. It’s better than the morning and the Taiji.

3, quality sleep

The study found that nearly 60% of patients with a history of heart attack People also have sleep disorders.

In addition to eliminating fatigue, quality sleep is also closely related to the ability to improve immunity and fight disease.

So, middle-aged and old friends after the age of 50, do not regard insomnia as a normal phenomenon of old age. Once a sleep problem occurs, it is necessary to pay attention to it in time, and if necessary, seek medical attention.

4, attaching to tea

A UK antioxidant experiment shows a cup of 300ml tea The antioxidant effect is equivalent to 1.5 bottles of red wine, 12 bottles of white wine, 4 apples, 5 onions or 7 cups of fresh orange juice. The benefits of drinking tea are obvious!

You can drink 2 cups a day, dandelion black bitter tea (dandelion, black bitter)

Chinese medicine believes: bitter buckwheat has heat, fire, digestion, stagnation, cooling blood Swelling and other health effects, can lower blood pressure, blood sugar, blood lipids, improve microcirculation, etc., it is also known as "three down food."

Dandelion into the liver and stomach, can help the liver to detoxify and detoxify, promote its self-healing, has a broad-spectrum antibacterial effect, can also stimulate the body's immune function, to achieve the role of choleretic and liver protection.

In addition, dandelion has a certain effect on stomach problems. For example, in the "Surgical Compression and Treatment of the Whole Life Collection" in the Qing Dynasty, it was written that the dandelion tile was dry and black, and the wine was sent to the stomach for pain.

And modern research has found that it can kill Helicobacter pylori and repair gastric mucosal damage. It has a therapeutic effect on patients with gastric ulcer, which makes Helicobacter pylori turn negative, and the ulcer surface heals and the pain stops.

5. Dietary rules

The diet should follow: the emperor’s breakfast, the minister’s Chinese food, and the Hanako’s dinner.

This is what we often say, breakfast is enough, lunch is good, and dinner is less.

Cholecystitis is easy to eat without eating for a long time; it is easy to get stomach trouble if you don't eat lunch regularly; eating too much at dinner can lead to obesity, gastrointestinal diseases and cardiovascular diseases.

So, the daily diet must be regular, and every meal can be full.