The 24-year-old woman’s hospital did a gynecological examination. When she entered the B-room, she ran out like crazy.

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The 24-year-old woman’s hospital did a gynecological examination. When she entered the B-room, she ran out like crazy.

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Xiaofang is a 90-year-old. He is 24 years old. Although he is not very old, he has been married for more than a year. His family has been looking forward to her early birth, but this year has not seen her pregnancy, so she is urging She went to the hospital for an examination.

With her husband’s company, Xiaofang came to the hospital. She had never been to the obstetrics and gynaecology department. She was embarrassed. The number was called several times. She almost turned her head and left. The scalp went in.

When she talked to the director of obstetrics and gynecology, she gave her several lists. Ask her to do the check first, and let her wait for the urine to be a B-ultrasound. Xiaofang heard that she had to urinate, because she couldn’t help but urinate. No way, the doctor would change her to a vaginal B-ultrasound, saying that this can be done directly without urinating.

Xiaofang took the order, and the husband went through the other checks, and finally came to the door of the B-room.

When the doctor called Xiaofang’s name, she quickly walked into the B-room and saw that it was divided into three small compartments. The other two were doing B-ultrasound, and the rest One is a male doctor sitting there waiting for her, she is a little embarrassed to go over, in fact, before Xiaofang did not do Yin Chao, did not hear, she thought it was the same as the previous B-ultrasound, no When she thought of the doctor, she did not finish talking. She ran out like crazy, and then she took her husband away.

The people who are behind are all stunned. How do you ask B-ult so fast? Xiaofang’s husband also asked in the back: Is it done so soon?

At this time, Xiaofang’s face swelled red. She ran back to the gynecological director and asked to change to abdomen, and finally finished the examination.

Yin Chao is actually a vaginal B-ultrasound, more clear and intuitive than the abdominal super, but also expensive dozens of pieces, but the yin super fast, and prevent drinking water to drink spit is not good urine Only women who have sex can do the best choice! However, many women do not choose to do Yin Chao, because it is too difficult! And some pregnant women, will not choose to do Yin super, because they are afraid of causing miscarriage.

After pregnancy, can you do yin super, will it cause miscarriage?

Because women's uterus and ovaries are close to the bladder, rectum and other organs, when the abdominal B-ultrasound is performed, the crawling of the intestines and the contents of the intestines and the gas will interfere with the images of the uterus and ovaries, causing unclear manifestations. Therefore, before the examination, a large amount of drinking water is needed to fill the bladder, and the intestine can be pushed upwards to clearly observe the pelvic condition, and it is difficult to form a missed diagnosis or misdiagnosis. Vaginal connection to the uterus, can be done through the vagina B ultrasound, check the uterus, ovary, this method of inspection is called vaginal B ultrasound. As the vagina approaches the uterus and ovaries, the image of the vaginal B-ultrasound is clearer and the resolution is higher. The results of early pregnancy are more accurate. Do vaginal B ultrasound without urine, can be checked at any time, but the cost is higher than the abdominal B-ultrasound. In addition, vaginal B ultrasound will not cause miscarriage, please rest assured. However, menstrual period, irregular vaginal bleeding, infectious diseases (such as vaginitis, sexually transmitted diseases) are not suitable for vaginal B ultrasound.