Pediatric foreskin cut? Doctor: Be cautious! Wrong once to ruin a child's life!

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Pediatric foreskin cut? Doctor: Be cautious! Wrong once to ruin a child's life!

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In humans For thousands of years of evolution, the foreskin has never been a useless extra skin, it protects the penis head and the urethra from accidental injury.

The so-called circumcision, simply cut off a part of the foreskin, let the penis head exposed.

The exact origin of circumcision has not been proven, but it has been present in many parts of the world for at least 4,000 years. For Jews and Muslims, the removal of the foreskin has important religious significance;

In some countries and regions, the removal of the foreskin is a sign of a boy's adulthood; in some families in the United States, the foreskin is removed to allow The child looks the same as the father and brother who have cut the foreskin...

Some studies suggest :

A boy who has undergone circumcision has a small chance of developing a urinary tract infection

There are some studies that believe that:

has undergone circumcision Adult males with AIDS and other sexually transmitted diseases are also relatively less likely to have a lower risk of penile cancer.

A few studies have suggested that:

For women, if her sexual partner has undergone circumcision, she will have a the risk of cervical cancer will decrease...

But there is not enough medical evidence to indicate circumcision. It is impossible to do it.

From a medical point of view, we do not recommend routine newborns Circumcision (The health benefits are not enough to recommend that all newborn boys receive circumcision).

The newborn baby boy is almost 100% phimosis (physiological phimosis). As the baby grows, the foreskin will gradually separate from the penis head. This process takes about three years or longer, so it is generally Before the age of three, circumcision was not advocated.

Urine infections rarely occur in one Among the male babies within the age of one. If the baby has a hypospadias, it is even more difficult to remove the foreskin after birth because the foreskin is required for the repair of hypospadias. Moreover, in the neonatal period, it is more complicated and difficult to care for the penis that has been cut over the foreskin than the care that has not been cut.

Some boys have pre-puberty, although the condition of phimosis or foreskin is too long, but there are no frequent clinical symptoms such as foreskin balanitis and urinary tract infection. With the onset of puberty, the penis develops rapidly, the penis The development and growth of the body and the penis head exceeds the growth of the foreskin. The penis often erects and also expands the relative stenosis of the distal end of the foreskin, thus naturally developing into a mature penis.

You may need to discuss with your family and doctor if you have the following conditions Circumcision:

1. Repeated foreskin balanitis

2. Repeated urinary tract infections

3. Difficulties in urinating, urinating effort, circumcision when urinating, "bubble"


Parents must bring their children to Consult a doctor in the pediatric urology of a normal hospital. It is best to consult a few doctors and do not blindly feel that the foreskin is removed.

The phimosis or foreskin is too long to have a genetic predisposition, for pre-puberty for critical state of the phimosis, can refer to the child's father's foreskin situation to consider whether surgery is needed.

If you are determined to perform circumcision, you need to know This is actually a less complication and safer operation. It takes only a few minutes for an experienced doctor to complete a circumcision.

There are many surgical methods. Sleeve-type circumcision is not an urgent key operation. It is usually scheduled for elective. Most parents choose to do it on holidays or winter and summer vacations. .

Regardless of the type of surgery you use, consult your doctor about pre- and post-operative precautions.

Because of the obvious pain in circumcision, local anesthesia is generally used, and children will use general anesthesia to help children reduce pain and fear.

Because of the need for anesthesia, fasting for at least 6 hours before surgery, no water for 4 hours, 4 hours after surgery can start drinking water, if there is no discomfort, can give easy digestible light food, if no special circumstances The next day can be restored to a normal diet .

The pain after circumcision is generally tolerable, and it will not be more than 24 hours, not too tight.

If the baby does not dare to urinate because of pain, you can use it Sero is under the stool, and the urination will be brought out together.

The main points of postoperative local care are:

1. Keep it clean and dry

2. It is not advisable to take a bath directly with water within three days after surgery to prevent the wound from being polluted by water. ,

3. The doctor will give some topical sprays and lotions for topical cleansing.

The wound healing process after circumcision appears to be scary, the wound is somewhat white, and it is slimy. In fact, these don't have to worry too much. If the wound is bleeding, there is no urinating, local redness or pus, you need to seek medical advice.