During the medical examination, because of shyness, do not do anorectal examination? Never

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During the medical examination, because of shyness, do not do anorectal examination? Never

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The handsome young man has a hard-to-understand lobule, that is, he has an anorectal fistula (referred to as "anal fistula"), and the anus often unknowingly pus, making him miserable. But he was embarrassed to face the doctor, but also worried that the hospital anorectal examination is too much trouble, and he has not gone to the hospital for treatment.

In fact, the examination of the anorectal is not as complicated as he imagined. The routine examination has visual examination Diagnosis and anoscopes. Once you find something near your anus or have blood in your stool, anal pus, etc., don't delay, you should go to the hospital for treatment as soon as possible.

Because the disease is relatively simple in the early stage, the treatment is relatively simple. If the anorectal disease is seriously delayed and then treated, the suffering will increase more.

In most cases, the doctor will see the patient after the patient states the condition. From the appearance, there is no long thing at the anus, there is no change in color, there is no crack, pus and so on.

1, external hemorrhoids, perianal abscess, anal fissure, perianal eczema and other diseases will cause changes in appearance, can Preliminary judgment by visual inspection.

2, refers to the diagnosis, referred to as "anal finger examination", is one of the easiest and most effective methods for anorectal disease examination. The doctor will use his fingers to touch the patient's anus. Because of its strong intuitiveness and reliability, many early lesions of the anus and rectum can be found in time.

According to statistics, about 80% of rectal cancers were found at the time of diagnosis.

3, the diagnosis can make pain and touch test on the anal skin, and the anal internal palpation can also help check the path of the anal fistula, the relationship between the fistula and the rectum, the tension of the sphincter, etc., and even understand the adjacent The condition of the organ.

The anoscope is an easy-to-use check that takes only one minute to complete and the examinee does not have any pain.

Because acne is soft, there is no hard mass in the diagnosis, especially when the nucleus is not very large, it is likely to be ignored.

With an anoscope, you can see the size, number, and color of the nucleus, which can help the doctor. Eliminate diseases such as acne, proctitis, and rectal ulcers.

Because of colonic diseases such as colitis, it also develops from the rectum. Therefore, an anoscope can not only observe the rectal condition, but also preliminarily determine how the colon is.

In addition to this, there are various examination methods such as sigmoidoscopy, anorectal B-ultrasound, anorectal manometry, and MRI.

Each examination is targeted, and which one needs to be done. The doctor will give a judgment according to the patient's condition, and the patient should not delay treatment because of fear of trouble.

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