Can sexual intercourse extend life? More benefits are clear after reading

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Can sexual intercourse extend life? More benefits are clear after reading

2018-09-05 20:25:32 224 ℃

For every couple, the sexual blessing is a good thing. If you have a harmonious sexual intercourse for a long time, you can effectively prolong life.

Can love extend life?

1. A study in the United States found that a very satisfying sexual intercourse is equivalent to giving the body a dose of stability, which is very helpful in relieving stress and relaxing. At the same time, it will increase the number of anti-inflammatory cells in the body by as much as 20%. Men who regularly get orgasm are almost twice as likely to have longevity as women, and women's life expectancy is extended by an average of eight years. If a woman gets two orgasms a week, her chances of getting a heart rate are reduced by 30%.

2, if you and your partner can insist on hugging every day, you can increase your life expectancy by 7 years. Embracing a partner not only helps the sexual intercourse, but also releases a lot of the intimate hormone "oxytocin", which can greatly increase the chance of longevity.

3. If you have a sexual intercourse every week, the chance of a stroke will be greatly reduced. Frequent sexual intercourse can increase the level of endorphin in the brain and has a significant effect on relieving stress.

What are the benefits of sexual intercourse?

1, can protect the mind in a young state

"Use in the retreat" in the end we all know, if you do not engage in sexual intercourse for a long time. Then your genital organs will also weaken. Appropriate sexual intercourse can help prevent brain aging and help the body to metabolize. It works very well for improving memory.

2. Reducing the occurrence of skin diseases

If the blood circulation of the skin is poor, it may cause diseases such as acne and acne. In the intercourse, it will make your whole body's blood circulate. The metabolic rate will be very balanced and will make your skin better and better.

3, alleviate or relieve pain

Love loves even with aspirin The same effect, it sounds a bit fascinating. However, a large number of studies have confirmed that couples' lives can stimulate the central nervous system of the brain, secreting a chemical called amine polyphenols, which is quite effective in reducing pain.