CCTV did an experiment to tell myopia: glasses don’t wear all day long

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CCTV did an experiment to tell myopia: glasses don’t wear all day long

2018-09-06 10:25:38 152 ℃

"No Wearing glasses is not comfortable."

Many myopia people like to wear glasses all day.

Are you like this?

But recently

The CCTV "Life Tips" column group

The first episode of the show said:

This will make your eyes "more tired"!

What happened?

For people with nearsightedness, wearing is appropriate Glasses can protect the eyes to some extent to prevent myopia from deepening. This is the accepted practice in the ophthalmology community.

Does it necessary for myopia to wear from bed to bed?

Ophthalmologist answers: No need! Usually When reading or watching a mobile phone at a close distance you should take off your glasses at the right time and let your eyes relax. It is better for your eyes~

The interviewed Tao Yong, deputy director of the Department of Ophthalmology, Beijing Chaoyang Hospital, Capital Medical University, said:

We can see myopia and distance, and we need the eyes the contraction and relaxation of the ciliary muscles to complete When the nearsighted family is looking close, they will be more relaxed without wearing glasses, so taking off the glasses at the right time can alleviate eye fatigue.

Of course, the rigorous CCTV father also did an experiment, and the result was even more shocking!

Myopia 525 degrees Xiao Chen and myopia 900 degrees Xiao Wang, two people wearing glasses, watching with a mobile phone 1 After half an hour of the movie, the two started blinking and blinking frequently, and there was a sign of visual fatigue. After one hour passed, the optometry was again, and the Chen’s degree increased by 75 degrees. Xiao Wang has grown by 50 degrees.

Doctor Tao Yong explained, Myopia is true and false >, the two are actually a kind of pseudo-degree increase. As long as you close your eyes and rest for one night, you will return to the original degree. However, if you look at the mobile phone for a long time, the degree will naturally grow, and this will become True myopia.

After 3 days, Xiao Chen and Xiao Wang came back to do a comparative experiment. Without glasses, they watched the movie for 1 hour with their mobile phones. The degree did not happen. Variety.

This experiment reminds us: If you wear glasses to see nearby Things, myopia of my eyes will increase in a short time, so it is to watch the phone or read at a close distance, the ophthalmologist is more recommended to take off the glasses to see, can help alleviate visual fatigue.

If you are interested in the content of this program of CCTV Dad, you can also poke the following link to see the full version of the video~

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