Is it easy to lose your temper? What are the performances?

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Is it easy to lose your temper? What are the performances?

2018-09-06 20:25:24 317 ℃

Heartfire is a noun in the category of Chinese medicine, referring to a kind of heat that is manifested by the liver. The cause of liver fire is caused by the seven emotions, the liver stagnation, or the liver. The main symptoms are: dizziness, redness, red eyes, bitterness, irritability, sharp red tongue, pulse string number; some people have too much liver fire, there will be fainting, madness, hematemesis and other crises. The treatment of liver anger is the Pinggan diarrhea.

Heartfire is also manifested in the following aspects:

1, liver fire inflammation: It is characterized by symptoms such as dizziness, redness, bitterness, irritable irritability, sharp red tongue, or even fainting, madness, and hematemesis. Governing the law is to relieve liver and reduce fire, and you can use Tianma hook and vine drink.

2, liver fire deafness tinnitus: deafness is due to liver fire attack, resulting in tinnitus good anger, face red, mouth pain, pain, ear bulge, pulse string. Governing law is to clear the liver and reduce fire, and you can use Longdan Xiegan Tang and so on.

3, liver fire headache: more caused by liver fire disturbance, visible head and neck pain, dizziness, irritability, Irritability, restless sleep, pulse string and other symptoms. The rule of law is mainly for Pinggan Qianyang, using Tianma hook and vine drink, mother-of-pearl pills and so on.

4, liver fire dizziness: due to lack of kidney water, liver and gallbladder fire caused by inflammation. It is characterized by dizziness and headache, flushing and rising, mouth bitter red, red tongue and pulse string. It is associated with hypertension and atherosclerosis. The fire is more prosperous, Yiqing liver and diarrhea fire-based, with Longdan Xiegan Tang; partial yin deficiency, should be yin and reduce fire, use Zhibai Dihuang Wan.

5, liver fire menstruation early: due to anger and anger, liver qi stagnation heat, heat disturbance, and forced blood. It is characterized by the early stage of the operation, the amount of time is too long, the color is red or purple, or there are lumps, breast and lower abdomen pain, irritability and irritability. To the hair of the tail and soak the liver to relieve stagnation and heat, the side with Dan Xiaoyao scattered addition and subtraction.

6, liver heat and dysfunction: due to blood accumulation after pregnancy, rushing pulse, suffocating The stomach is caused by the gas. More common in women who are usually irritable, manifested as vomiting or bitterness or vomiting, dizziness and bitterness. The cure is to clear the liver and stomach, and reduce the vomiting. Can be used to add warm soup.

7, liver heat spontaneous sweat: due to liver heat, often see the symptoms of bitterness and sleep. Governing the law is to clear the liver and sweat, and can be added and subtracted by Xiaoyao.

8, liver fire can not be lying: mostly by thinking too much, angry and hurt the liver, gas fire hiccups, or liver blood damage, God lost. Governing the law is to clear the liver and clear the fire, you can use Shugan San or Longdan Xiegan Tang.

The above are common diseases and general treatments caused by liver fire.