Wash your face first or wash your hair first? These \"orders\" are too important, you are wrong in the first article

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Wash your face first or wash your hair first? These \"orders\" are too important, you are wrong in the first article

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People who care about health will not ignore any little things that are related to health. For example, when you care about taking a bath, wash your face first or wash your hair first. When you eat, eat first or eat meat first...

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Showing order:

Washing → Bathing → Washing Head

Wash your face and wash your face first. This method may block your face's pores.

When the hot water is turned on in the bath, it will produce steam. The pores will expand when they are hot. If you don’t wash your face first and accumulate a dirty thing on your face, you will be jealous. When the pore door opens, sneak into your pores. And as the pores expand, they penetrate deep into the skin. Often this is the case, more and more dirty things will clog the pores. Therefore, wash your face before taking a shower.

Bathing after shampooing, the water temperature can be hot when taking a bath, which can effectively promote metabolism, speed up blood circulation, expand pores, and completely excrete body sweat.

This time, the hair is washed again, the hair is good, the hair is fully moisturized in the warm and moist water, and the hair is more supple. The nutrients of shampoo can not only be fully absorbed, but also the hair is not easily damaged during the washing process.

Diet order:

First drink soup→ vegetarian dish→ staple food with leeks

For ordinary people, eating first or eating first is not strictly defined. However, for patients with chronic diseases, especially for diabetic patients, it is recommended to follow the eating order of “drinking soup→ vegetarian dishes→ staple food with leeks”.

Because vegetables are rich in dietary fiber and vitamins, calories are low. Eating these foods when eating can promote the secretion of digestive juice, properly suppress appetite, and delay gastric emptying time. Prevent postprandial blood sugar from rising rapidly.

At the end of the staple food and leeks, the intake will naturally decrease, thus controlling the intake of oil.

First eat raw food→after eating cooked food

First eat raw food, then eat cooked food. If there is fruit in raw food, eat fruit first. Because the fruit is the fastest digestion, it can take the lead to complete metabolism through the gastrointestinal tract. If you eat first, then eat fruit, the fruit may be mixed with the protein in the food and ferment, resulting in flatulence, affecting digestion.

First eat raw food, raw food can save a lot of enzymes in food, including various digestive enzymes, which is conducive to digestion and absorption of food in the body. If you eat cooked food first, the white blood cells in the blood and intestines will increase rapidly, and you will feel tired, but there is no such reaction after eating raw food.

Eating low glycemic index food first → After eating high glycemic index food

Because of high glycemic index food, it will stimulate insulin after entering the body A large amount of secretion, causing large fluctuations in blood sugar, increasing metabolic disorders, aggravating obesity, "three high", diabetes and other metabolic syndrome. Eating low-glycemic index foods will avoid or alleviate the above problems.

涮 Hot Pot Order:

First Bean Products And algae → green vegetables → meat

When many people eat hot pot, they are used to picking up meat. After the leek, but in terms of nutrition, the order should be reversed.

It is best to cook the bean products and algae algae for 15 minutes or more. It is safer to eat, and it can also improve the taste of the soup base, then eat the vegetables and then simmer the meat. First amaranth can "pad bottom" to reduce meat intake. (National secondary public nutritionist 臧全宜)

Walking in the supermarket order:

Long shelf life→Short shelf life→Frozen food→Refrigerated food

There are some foods in the supermarket that need to be stored at low temperatures. If you take them in the supermarket first, then go home for half an hour and go home. The temperature exceeds the temperature. It may cause serious deterioration in quality and even corruption in advance.

So when shopping in the supermarket, don't worry about the order of the supermarket shelves. It is best to buy things in the following order:

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1. Long shelf life, products that are not afraid of pressure, such as rice noodles, canned food, and packaged foods that are not refrigerated;

2. Short shelf life, but can be placed at room temperature for at least one or two days, such as vegetables and fruits;

3. Frozen foods, such as frozen dumplings, frozen meat, etc. ;

4. Refrigerated foods such as pasteurized milk, cold meat, sashimi, etc. After taking these foods, don't wander around, you have to check out and go home immediately.

Just getting up:

To brush your teeth first → drink after drinking

Get up on an empty stomach in the morning Good health, relieve constipation, promote blood circulation, prevent cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases. But if you don't brush your teeth before drinking, it's equivalent to drinking a mixture of plaque-filled liquids.

Because the residual food residue or dirt on the teeth at night is easy to combine with saliva and deposit, forming plaque and calculus. If you don’t brush your teeth and drink water directly, you will bring bacteria and dirt into it. in vivo. So it is recommended to brush your teeth and drink water first.

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