Also disabled by the Food and Drug Administration! 30,000 children are guilty, are these 8 drugs still dare to use them again?

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Also disabled by the Food and Drug Administration! 30,000 children are guilty, are these 8 drugs still dare to use them again?

2018-09-07 00:25:28 111 ℃

The SFDA has a new announcement!

Recently, the State Food and Drug Administration decided to revise the manual of Wantong's bones and bones, requesting the addition of "No evidence of safety and efficacy of children using this product", "< b> not suitable for long-term use of drugs", " infants and young children disabled" and so on.

At the same time, in the precautions, increase: "This product contains Chuanwu, Zhiwuwu, and Majizi. If the patient has adverse reactions when using this product, it should stop. Get medical attention and seek medical advice.

In addition, in the revised manual, it is also pointed out that two groups of people are disabled. The drug, one is forbidden for infants and young children, and the second is for those who are allergic to this product and ingredients.

It is understood that Wantongjin bone tablets are mainly used for back pain, muscle and joint pain, unfavorable flexion and extension, as well as frozen shoulder, cervical spondylosis, rheumatoid arthritis and rheumatoid Diseases such as arthritis.

This revision is also for better drug safety. Relevant manufacturers may conduct in-depth research on the mechanism of new adverse reactions and take effective measures to promote the use and safety of related drugs. Training to guide physicians to use drugs rationally.

It is also a child-banned drug. What other drugs have been specifically prescribed for children to ban?

According to statistics, China’s population aged 0-14 is about 220 million people, accounting for 16.6% of its total population. However, due to improper medication, about 30,000 children in China are in a silent world every year. Children who cause liver and kidney function, nervous system and other injuries are not counted.

Illness and medication have always been a problem for everyone. Because children's immune system is not yet mature, the situation is more frequent than adults. For this reason, we are not sloppy in treating children with drugs.

So, which drugs are banned or used with caution? For the health of your child, these drugs must be vigilant!

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Healing or getting sick, parents need to get better first

The Little Prince once had a famous saying: Every adult used to be a child, but they forgot.

They feel different from the outside world when they play with their children. This feeling is completely different from adults.

So you can't give your child spicy food because you don't feel hot,

and you can't halve the "adult medicine" because you think this medicine is okay. Children use.

Every time a child is sick, parenting is a physical and mental test.

But for this reason, parents need to be cautious about medication for children.

Be sure to follow the doctor's instructions, use the medicine carefully, and pay attention to the date of the drug to avoid taking expired drugs.

Children are not your miniature version. Don’t give your child irreversible damage for one time because of your negligence!