Is the woman thirty greedy as a wolf? How many times a week in the same room is normal, too much is not conducive to health

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Is the woman thirty greedy as a wolf? How many times a week in the same room is normal, too much is not conducive to health

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Keeping a scientific and regular life can enhance the feelings between husband and wife, and at the same time, it will also bring a certain sense of satisfaction to women. Generally, women will become more vigorous after reaching a certain age.

How old is the female sexual desire?

When a woman reaches 40 years of age, her sexual desire and sexual ability will improve, because the relationship between husband and wife will be stronger and the marriage will mature. With family burdens, women can concentrate on investing in new life. At this stage, women's stress and concerns are rare, so they will become more vigorous now.

How many times does a woman have a room in a week?

The frequency of life of different women and couples is also different. As long as women and couples do not have general malaise, backache, and apathy the next day, they will not affect their work and life. It is mainly determined according to the woman's physique, age and personality. Generally speaking, it can be 2 to 3 times a week before the age of 30, once or twice a week from 30 to 40 years old, once a week from 40 to 50 years old. can.

What are the dangers of excessive love for women?

1, will affect the health of the vagina

When the husband and wife live, the younger brother of the bud will constantly twitch in the vagina, so it is easy to put Viruses and bacteria are brought into the vagina of women. Although the vagina has a strong frictional ability, there is no problem if there is no pain, a lot of times, and a long time when rubbing. However, some women have pain when they are thrusting. This is related to the lack of preparation for the foreplay, too little vaginal fluid, or some women have a certain fear of love, which leads to vaginal muscles. Excessive embarrassment. In addition, there is a pain when there is an inflammatory infection in the vagina of a woman.

2, infected with bacteria

If both men and women do not do genital cleansing and hygiene before the couple’s life, this will put a part of Bacteria are brought into the vagina of women, increasing the chance of vaginal infection.

3, pelvic congestion

In couple life When the pelvic cavity is congested, it takes six hours to stop the pelvic congestion. If you love too much, it will make it difficult for women to reach orgasm. Over time, the pelvic cavity will continue to be congested, and even congestion will occur. Women will have pain in the lower abdomen, a feeling of falling, and dysmenorrhea.

Warm Tips

Be sure to pay attention to the hygiene of both husband and wife when you are having sex, use clean water to clean it in time, and be in time after sex. Urinating, flushing the bacteria in the urinary tract, thus preventing infection of the urinary tract.