Stone women do not have vagina and uterus, can modern science enable them to have a normal husband and wife life?

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Stone women do not have vagina and uterus, can modern science enable them to have a normal husband and wife life?

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"Small circle, how can I find a stone girl to be a girlfriend?"

"Amount... I would like to hear more about it"

"My Tintin is too short, so I have never dared to find a girlfriend, I can't get married. I happen to know that some women are stone girls, so I think that girls may have no sexual needs. Because I don't want to be alone, I want my parents and family to feel at ease, so I want to find one. Girls face life in the future.

For children, think about adopting a common parent. If such a girl can see me, can you reply me? If you don’t express well, please forgive me.”

One day, a teenager expressed his doubts to the small circle. In the above dialogue, the small circle is to be a stone girl with everyone's science. What is a stone girl? Is there really no need for stone girls?

Common characteristics of "stone girls": no vagina by nature< /h2>

Natural without vagina without uterus, no sex life, such a woman was called "Stone Girl" in ancient times, modern medicine called this disease congenital without vagina and without uterus Syndrome, the main features are vaginal atresia, simple vaginal or vaginal adhesions on both sides, and hymen atresia.

The so-called innate means that this is a congenital embryonic disease, that is, when they are in their mother's stomach, the condition has already occurred. "Stone women" intelligence, height, female secondary sexual characteristics such as breast, pubic hair, mane hair, etc. are normal, even the ovaries are normal. Because the ovaries can produce egg cells and secrete sex hormones, the former determines fertility and the latter determines female sexual characteristics. In ancient times, "stone females" could never give birth even though they could produce egg cells.

The incidence of congenital absence of vaginal and uterine syndrome is about 1/4500 in the baby girl, that is, there is a stone girl in the 4,500 female babies, Based on China's 1.4 billion population base, China currently has at least 100,000 stone women, perhaps just around us.

The stone girl is also true and false, what is the difference?

Strictly speaking, the stone girl has the difference between true and false, let's distinguish it together.

Can a real stone woman have a husband and wife to live and give birth?

A true stone female is a natural genital dysfunction or dysplasia, that is, no vagina and no uterus. Because there is no function of growing the intima, there is no menstruation and no pregnancy.

The real stone female lacks the vagina. The main treatment is vaginal reconstruction. At present, the main treatment is surgery. The urethral bladder and the rectum are separated to form an artificial cavity, and then a vagina is reconstructed. Generally, you can achieve normal husband and wife life, so you must treat it in time.

The absence of a congenital uterus is due to an abnormality during the embryonic development period, resulting in a deficiency of the uterus due to uterine developmental disorders. If fertility is required, it is necessary to go to a regular hospital for surgical treatment. Strong>The use of surgery for artificial uterine reconstruction. A small number of women do not have a vagina but have a uterus and develop health. They can produce menstruation, but they can’t get out of it. They form symptoms similar to hymen atresia, and they need surgery.

What is the fake stone girl?

This type of patient presents with vaginal or hymen malformation, which may be caused by vaginal adhesions or hymen atresia. Although this patient is also unable to have sex, menstruation is also Can not be discharged, but can be corrected by surgery.

Since the above two situations can be corrected by surgery, why should they be "true stone female" and "fake stone female"? Because different types of "stone girl" treatments are different.

Pseudo-stone females can develop normally in the uterus and vagina. The method of treating hymen atresia is relatively simple. As long as the hymen is cut, blood stasis can be released, and normal menstruation and husband and wife can be restored after surgery. If the treatment is timely, it will not affect fertility.

The small circle finally reminds that if a girl does not have menstruation after the age of 13, please go to a regular hospital to avoid missing the best age.