Is man masturbation normal?

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Is man masturbation normal?

2018-09-14 20:25:17 224 ℃

Now, the number of people who masturbate has increased greatly, especially the proportion of men who are now masturbating has increased greatly, and women also have a certain proportion. In the end, is it good? Let me analyze it for you.

The proportion of men who have had masturbation is relatively high, accounting for about 90%. There are also about 50% of women who have had a history of masturbation. Therefore, masturbation is a very common behavior. Masturbation can occur in both men and women, and masturbation can reduce sexual tension as a means of gaining sexual pleasure. . Moreover, masturbation is a very common behavior. Occasionally, masturbation does not harm the health of the body. It does not affect the sexual life after marriage and reaches a climax and a high degree of pleasure. It is not worth plundering; but too frequent masturbation is like In the same period of indulgence, the sex organs will be a lot of blood in a period of time before and after masturbation. If in men, in addition to the penis, the most severe congestion is the prostate, frequent masturbation can induce aseptic prostatitis, but also due to the frequent and extensive chronic congestion of the prostate to produce symptoms like inflammation, so back pain, urination The liquid is not exhausted, there is no white liquid dripping at the end of urination, the burning feeling of the urethra, the perineal discomfort, and even the symptoms such as drowsiness and fatigue will find you.

Male masturbation hazard

Masturbation frequently leads to physical decline, cold and soreness, impotence, premature ejaculation and other male sexual problems. Many male friends have the habit of masturbation. Masturbation is a kind of A kind of spiritual movement is the sustenance of some people's spirits. Although there is nothing wrong with flying a plane, there is nothing wrong with it, but it needs correct guidance. Moreover, when the aircraft is over-frequency, it will bring a lot of harm to men. When men masturbate, they will be very nervous and worried, so this will lead men to want to end ejaculation early. If there is such a phenomenon in the long run, it will lead to ejaculation. Too fast, over time, it will lead to premature ejaculation. Frequent excessive masturbation has a great impact on men's body. If you haven't hit the plane, don't try it. As for the situation of excessive masturbation, it should be changed from the following aspects:


1. The goal of changing masturbation should be gradual. Practice has shown that the plan is specific, gradually increasing the interval, and there is no need to rush to find


2, more contact with the outside world, divert attention. Psychologists believe that when a person is alone, the psychological activity will be toward the self, and the scope will become narrower and smaller, often causing himself to be trapped in one aspect. Therefore, young people who have masturbation should communicate with others, cultivate their sentiments, enrich their psychology, and thus divert their attention and eliminate the bad behavior of masturbation.


3. Pay attention to living hygiene and develop good habits. If the underwear is not too tight, Keep the exterior clean. Pay attention to the reasonable arrangement of work schedules and actively participate in sports training. Young people should develop good habits. They should not lie in bed at night, and do not stay in bed after waking up in the morning. At the same time, actively participate in sports, strong fitness, which is very good for changing masturbation behavior