"A drop of fine ten drops of blood" semen is really valuable? Chinese medicine has an answer!

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"A drop of fine ten drops of blood" semen is really valuable? Chinese medicine has an answer!

2018-09-14 20:25:17 443 ℃

Not long ago, my clinic came to a middle-aged prostatitis patient. He told me that it was very precious to hear that semen was worth a drop of blood, so after 50 years of age, the couple’s life was greatly increased. Reduced, and every time you want to ejaculate, the couple's life is interrupted.

"A drop of fine ten drops of blood", this folk saying sees semen as the essence of the human body, thinking that husband and wife live It will cause people to lose semen, be extremely devastated, the bone marrow is empty, the essence is depleted, and it is short-lived. This argument is actually unfounded. Semen consists of two parts: sperm and seminal plasma, of which seminal plasma accounts for about 90%. There is no difference between the seminal plasma components and plasma. Except for most of the water, the other is a very small amount of protein, sugar, cholesterol, enzymes, macro elements, trace elements and vitamins. These substances are obtained daily from the daily diet and are supplemented by normal metabolism in the body, so they are not lacking.

What is the "kidney essence" that Chinese medicine often says?

From the perspective of Chinese medicine practitioners, "fine" is divided into generalized essence and narrow sense. The generalized essence is all tangible and subtle substances in the human body, including gas, blood, body fluid and water valley, which is what we often call "kidney essence"; the narrow sense of essence refers to the essence of reproduction. Reproductive essence is the material basis of the reproduction of human beings. The human body develops to a certain stage and is metabolized by the essence of the kidney. Once the "reproductive essence" is formed, it has become detached from the category of "kidney essence" and becomes an independent living material. Even if this substance exists in the body, it does not have any nutritional effect on itself. As the material basis of the reproduction, its quality only affects the offspring. As the material basis of life, "renal essence" has a great impact on the health of the body. "Kidney essence" should not be diarrhea, "reproductive essence" follows the law of "satisfy and diarrhea", and is excreted regularly or irregularly.

Tibetan is the basis of ejaculation, and ejaculation is also one of the physiological functions of Tibetan essence. If you do not shoot the sperm, so that the sexual organs are in a state of congestion for a long time, the bacteria will take advantage of it, causing prostatitis, urinary drips, urinary tract often white turbid liquid dripping out, urethra, perineum and other discomfort and back pain And other symptoms.

National sperm is not harmful to the body

There are some people who save semen by controlling sexual desire, which is also very wrong. The proper husband and wife life between husband and wife is beneficial. Regarding the frequency of sex, there is a calculation formula for reference, which is to multiply the ten digits of the age by 9, and the ten digits of the product as the time, and the single digits as the appropriate number of sexual intercourses during this period. For example, a person in his 30s multiplies the tens digit by 3 by 9, equal to 27. That is, 7 sexes in 20 days, about every 3 days; in people in 40s, 4 × 9 = 36. That is, 6 sex lifes in 30 days, about once every 5 days, and so on.

The husband and wife life is often a matter of happening at any time and being influenced by passion. Therefore, it is not necessary to be constrained. Do not deliberately follow the formula. Excessive suppression of one's own desires will not only cause abnormal changes in the mind, but also be harmful to the body, causing loss of sexual desire and deterioration of sexual function. "Life is endless, sex is not limited", it should be everyone's understanding and pursuit of sex.