What is the 70-year-old old man? He subverted the imagination of countless people

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What is the 70-year-old old man? He subverted the imagination of countless people

2018-09-22 20:25:25 134 ℃

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70 What do you think of your age?

White hair?

Waist in the waist?

Can't walk?

This familiar person may subvert your understanding of the 70-year-old!

He is Zheng Shaoqiu, who is 71 years old this year.

He walks with the wind!

The waist is straight!

You can sing and dance at the concert! The report said that at the 50th anniversary concert, he sang for 8 minutes without breathing!

70 years old, how did he do it? !

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For more than 20 years, only drink warm water, don't drink ice water, don't drink hot water

Zheng Shaoqiu pays attention to daily drinking: "20 I have never had ice water for many years, and I don’t drink too hot water. I only drink warm water.”

The agent also revealed: “Mr. Zheng does not drink cold drinks, and he drinks plenty of water. Makeup, plus his good sleep quality, so the spirit is always good."

Zheng Shaoqiu said that although sometimes less than eight glasses of water a day, but at least four or five cups. And there will be some soup to drink, the soup also has a maintenance effect.

30, 40 minutes per day Strong>

In the interview, Zheng Shaoqiu revealed that he is doing sports almost every day. He exercises about 30 or 40 minutes a day. He joked that his wife is very strict and will be responsible for supervising himself.

In general, you have to go to the gym once or twice a week. When you don't have to start work, Zheng Shaoqiu likes to do aerobics. He usually runs and swims. “After sweating, the skin will be detoxified and the metabolism will be better.”

TIPS:Three days a week, more than 45 minutes per walk, walking speed Just breathe a little.

Like eating fish, Green vegetables, soup, no fat.

His other official, Jinghua, confirmed: "Autumn brother eats a lot, never eats, likes to eat fish, vegetables, soup, Love food, but don't touch fat.”

In the interview, Zheng Shaoqiu also mentioned that he drank natural juice, such as “Five Green Juice”. Wuqing juice is to juice the green fruits and vegetables such as cucumber, round sweet pepper, celery, bitter gourd and green apple with a juicer, which can be healthy and beautiful.

TIPS: Eat more fresh vegetables, as colorful as possible when cooking, black fungus, yellow carrots, pumpkin, red pepper, green lettuce, white Lilies, cauliflower, etc., as diverse as possible and variety.

Diet has two treasures: oatmeal, black Sesame

was asked how to maintain it so well, Zheng Shaoqiu also contributed his own health treasure: "Control cholesterol, eat oatmeal; often eat black sesame seeds, grind into powder easily absorb".

Oatmeal can help control weight and help reduce the concentration of "bad cholesterol" in the blood. It is ideal for obesity, hyperlipidemia, coronary heart disease, and healthy people.

A study found that only 1 bowl of oatmeal is eaten every day for breakfast, and the concentration of "bad cholesterol" in human blood can be reduced by 10% for 8 weeks.

Black sesame contains unsaturated Fatty acids can also lower total cholesterol and low-density cholesterol.

TIPS: Drink oatmeal in the morning, or add milk. It is also good to put some black sesame seeds when playing soy milk.

Thinking and feeling good

Zheng Shaoqiu said that artists must face the bombing of the paparazzi every day. They will encounter all kinds of things, such as sadness and joy, worry and sorrow, and bad emotions are not conducive to Health. Be good at self-resolving and self-decompression.

"The most important thing is to laugh at the situation, not to hate, to live happily!" Keep your mood comfortable, relieve unhappiness as soon as possible, and think about everything when you encounter anything.

TIPS:Nothing smiles~ Don't be angry, you don't get sick.

No Smoking, not drinking, no nightlife

Zheng Shaoqiu once laughed: "I have no fun with me because I don't smoke, don't drink, don't stay overnight, don't work at home. Have dinner, know that any good things for the body will try."

Do not smoke, help him avoid a lot of bad things! Smoking can cause premature aging of the skin, facial relaxation, wrinkles, and more folds in the lips and sagging jaws, and mental state will also deteriorate.

Do not drink, the same benefits! The more people drink, the more obvious the aging of the cells, and the higher the risk of aging-related diseases such as cardiovascular disease, diabetes, cancer, and dementia.

Good rest time, adequate sleep, and good cell metabolism and regenerative capacity, of course, is more conducive to staying young.

TIPS:Do not smoke, drink alcohol, fall asleep before 11:00, sleep for 8 hours.

Do it like him, Xiaobian guess, your 70-year-old will not be worse! Do you have confidence?

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