Yang is the lifeblood of human beings! In the late autumn, yang is no more ill!

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Yang is the lifeblood of human beings! In the late autumn, yang is no more ill!

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I don't know if you have thought about it. What do we often say about yang, what is it? Is it the same as kidney? What are the benefits for us? Why do you want to make up your yang?

First, what is yang?

First we should first know what is "qi". Qi is the origin of the material in the world. The body's gas is filled with the whole body everywhere. According to the distribution and characteristics, it can be divided into vitality, qi, qi, and qi. These can be collectively referred to as yang.

The ancients cloud: the tangible body shells are all a group of crashes, relying on this group of true gas to be used in the middle, and the crash is a vitality; the human life is a fire word, people live a breath, say It is yang.

The Yellow Emperor's internal classics say "yang gas, yin formation." Yang becomes the energy needed by the body, and the yin forms a body that can be seen and touched. If the body does not have yang, it becomes an empty body and will die.

In addition, the Yellow Emperor’s internals also said: “Yangweiwei is also solid”, which means that the human body has the ability to resist external evils. This ability is yang!

Second, why should people make up yang?

"Tianzhi Dabao, only one pill red day; people's big treasure, only this good yang "! ——《类经附翼》

The ancients compared yang to the relationship between the sky and the sun. If there is no sun in the sky, or if the normal law of operation is lost, then the darkness of the universe is unclear, and everything is not Can grow. The role of yang in the human body is like the sun in the sky gives light to the earth, making it as important as everything can grow.

The circulation of blood and body fluids in the human body, the generation and priming of the grains, the need for yang, and the blood, body fluids, etc., so that they can nourish the body and produce mental activity and organs. The functional activities require the gasification of yang.

A person needs a yang temperate to exert its external functions. Otherwise, all kinds of evils will invade the human body and cause disease, and even cause danger of death. It can be seen that yang has a very important role in the human body, so it is necessary to fix the yang at all times and adapt to the running law of yang!

Three, so health, raise is yang!

It can be said that yang is the foundation of life. For the more serious loss of yang, you should always moxibustion Guanyuan, return, life gate and Shenshu. In the Chinese medicine and the World Health Organization's cooperation in the treatment of diseases, the prevention and treatment of the sub-healthy people in moxibustion Fuyang , achieved significant results.

Modern people often suffer from sub-health, mental fatigue, insomnia, forgetfulness, temper and other sub-health symptoms due to the severe stress of work and life, or their own bad habits. Forty will advance into menopause, and these diseases are caused by excessive yang consumption.

Four, yang in the late autumn, less sick in winter!

In general, there are two sources of yang: one is congenital, from father and mother, and the other is acquired, which is mainly transformed from the water-rich essence absorbed by food. . And moxibustion is the third point of yang source!

At the end of the autumn season, the cold has begun to increase, it is time to make up the sun! Now, moxibustion is started. Basic for winter cold, can make the yang in winter sufficient, and the yin essence can be collected without leaking, thus maintaining the balance of yin and yang, improving the disease resistance and preventing the recurrence of old diseases in winter. At least it can alleviate its symptoms!

Yang deficiency body cold, supplement yang, basic acupoint:


2 命门,肾俞



5 Zusanli

6 Yongquan

Moxibustion method: use moxibustion moxibustion box moxibustion, waist and abdomen quadruple or six joints, limbs joint or two Union, you can buy a few more moxibustion at the same time, which can save time. The general limbs are 15-20 minutes per acupoint, the body is 30-40 minutes per hole, and the rest is 1-3 days in a week.

Being cold and cold, start moxibustion, and wait until winter is late!